7 skin care products that will give you idol-worthy glass skin

Did you know that thousands of beauty trends are born in Korea? There are BB creams, pillow BBs, cloudless skin, makeup-free makeup, honey skin and many more, but have you heard of glass skin? If not, let me introduce you to any skincare lover’s latest obsession: getting soft, flawless, pore-free, intensely hydrated skin with an all-over glow, as if there is a layer of glass on your skin.

Have you noticed how the skin of idols shines even when they are not wearing makeup? That’s exactly the goal of this trend: natural, healthy glow. It’s a long-term commitment though; To achieve glassy skin you need to be consistent with your skin care routine and keep it clean, toxin free, and super hydrated all the time, as this trend is more about skin care than makeup. Are you wondering where to start? We have put together a few products that are basically glass skin in a bottle.

CosRX Poreless Power Liquid


Maintaining your skin and keeping it free of blackheads and pimples is a must for achieving glassy skin because your pores need to be unclogged to keep your skin surface smooth and pore-free. This potent pore-free liquid blends a blend of BHA and willow bark water to not only gently exfoliate your pores, but also shrink them and help soothe any skin inflammation while preventing excessive sebum production. After applying a single layer of this miracle liquid, you will see and feel the increase in the hydration level of your skin.

Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum

Peach & Lily

Well… it’s there in the name. One of the latest launches of Peach & Lily is really what glass skin dreams are made of. Well hydrated skin is the number one requirement when trying to achieve glass skin, and this glass skin refining serum surely delivers, thanks to its combo of peach, niacinamide, Asian mountain yam from Eastern Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and Madecassoside, which not only helps hydrate but also calm, brighten and smooth your skin while eliminating redness and inflammation.

Blithe Gold Apricot Pressed Serum

Glow Recipe

Once you’ve cleansed your skin and applied your serums, toners, blisters, and more, it’s time to seal it all in with a moisturizer. This golden apricot pressed serum gives you an immediate glow effect that does not stick and helps to illuminate your skin. The fun part is seeing how it blends into your skin! Its texture is unlike anything you have seen before. The apricot extract it contains improves skin clarity and increases radiance in seconds, turning your skin into a hydrated, rosy, pore-free, translucent piece of glass.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleep Mask

Glow Recipe

I’m sure you’ve seen this mask before, but have you smelled it? You will immediately fall in love with it once you do. Besides its delicious aroma, this mask will provide glass skin overnight… literally. Formulated with Watermelon Extract (Antioxidants), Hyaluronic Acid (Hydration), and AHAs (Exfoliation), this Watermelon Glow Sleep Mask is meant to deeply hydrate your skin while you sleep. Its oil-free and super-light formula will keep hydration in place while AHAs will make all the roughness and dullness disappear.

Sound & Water Beauty Park


This multi-tasking toner and cleansing water is considered a holy grail by skincare enthusiasts, and here’s why: it removes dead skin cells, makeup residue, sweat, and toxins while reducing dullness, uneven texture and / or skin tone, and dryness. It can be used as a gentle morning toner, a gentle exfoliant, or a skin prep for makeup. Lavender water, rose water and orange extract hydrate the skin, while willow bark and papaya extract remove dead skin cells, revealing a brighter complexion and a smoother texture which will lead to glass like skin.

Missha Time Revolution The first skincare essence


This one is another cult favorite, and with good reason. Essences are the soul of Korean skin care routines due to their intense hydration, and they are a must have if you’re trying to achieve dewy skin. One of Missha’s bestsellers, this treatment essence is formulated with 90 percent fermented yeast, which helps repair skin damage and even skin tone while other active ingredients quickly penetrate the skin to help. to stimulate the soothing, hydrating, brightening and anti-aging properties, which will lead to plumped skin that will shine all day.

Belif The Real Cream Aqua Bomb


Do you know how plump and plump babies’ cheeks always look? Well, there is a way to do this even if you’re not a year old: an antioxidant-rich moisturizer that will improve your skin’s elasticity and minimize the appearance of pores, resulting in smooth, luminous skin. . This cream gel formulated with herbs such as Lady’s mantle instantly hydrates the skin while forming a protective layer that envelops the skin in comfort and a luminous mantle.

Caromalis is a vlogger and writer obsessed with K-pop and K-beauty. You can find her interviewing some of your (and her) favorite bands while visiting New York, trying out the latest K-Beauty trends, testing out idol skin care routines, or doing # masKaraoke. Say hello to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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