A 6-point mantra to obtain a “glass” skin

Here are three grades of flawless skin, her hosts told cosmetic dermatologist Anupriya Goel during a visit to South Korea, one of the world’s leading centers of beauty innovation and trends where skincare. skin akin to religion. There is “dewy” skin, the most common and popular category; a step further is “honey” skin or even transparent, glowing skin; and there is the mother of all skin types – the “glass” skin, says Anupriya Goel, who has developed a six point mantra to achieve this ultimate and details it in a new book.

When asked what was meant by skin of glass, she was told: “Imagine skin so perfect and translucent that it shines like crystal – immaculate, perfect and transparent; skin so luscious, radiant and clear that it really reflects the light! “

“My trip to South Korea, the skincare mecca, had a huge impact on me. It is one of the world’s leading centers of innovation and trend in beauty products. For Koreans, skin care is akin to religion. Glass skin is extremely popular and revered there. And I was amazed to see healthy glowing skin in the majority of Koreans, ”said Goel, who in 1987 established the Berkowits Hair and Skin Clinic here, which has a pan-Indian presence today, said to IANS in an interview.

“So I asked myself: how come the skin of glass is so commonplace with them? What are Koreans doing differently? Is it their genetic makeup? Are they secretly drinking an ancient magic potion that their grandparents told them about? What are their Eureka skin care products? Is it their diet, so rich in fish and algae, that helps them get a glass skin?

“The more I studied and delved into the subject, the clearer the answers became and I thought to myself that every person in the world should know this,” Goel, an MA in Aesthetics from the University of London, said of his book, “How To Get A Skin Of Glass – Industry Secrets To Getting A Flawless Result.” Glowing Skin ”(Ebury Press / Penguin).

So what is Goel’s six point mantra?

* Understand your skin type. Using the wrong products, no matter how trendy they are, for a different skin type will cause your skin more problems.

* Understand the condition of your skin. Exercise is not only about understanding your skin type, but also about identifying your skin condition and choosing your products accordingly.

* Arm yourself with knowledge about the skin care ingredients that go into products before you buy them and understand what they do.

* Get the right products for your skin.

* Diligently follow a personalized skin care routine without missing even a single day. As in most areas of our life, a consistent approach produces the best results. If you stop treatment abruptly, you will not get the results you want.

* Eat a healthy diet and include some form of exercise in your daily routine.

“Before moving forward,” Goel warned, “I want to be very clear on one thing – there isn’t a single magical product or ingredient that will help you achieve glass skin. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you off. snake oil Skin care, like any other ritual (think dental care – do you ever not brush your teeth?) should be part of your daily lifestyle. is that then you will see results.

South Korea has a temperate climate. Considering the harsh climatic conditions in different parts of India, food preferences, and the fact that one size does not fit all, how effective are Goel’s suggestions for women from all walks of life or are- are they limited to only one part of the country?

“Knowing your skin type and condition is extremely important before you embark on a skin care routine. Whether you are in the north or south of the country, each part will have different seasons throughout the year. Likewise, it is important to know that your skin type changes with each season. This book does exactly that, ”Goel explained.

“With a step-by-step approach, he explained various skin types and conditions as well as the importance and science behind each skin care ritual. He also insisted on following your skin care routine. Consistently Making a habit of taking care of the skin may seem difficult, but after reading this book you will discover the easiest, most effective, and practical ways to do it right.

“This book will be your little guide to the skin that you can open and refer to at any time to recommend the most ideal products and home remedies that will suit your skin type. Just follow the steps diligently and consistently. Once you see your skin glow, trust me, skin care will become addictive, ”Goel added.

After that ? Is she planning another book?

“As the medical director of Berkowits, hair and skin care is very important to me. After writing a skin care book and posting all of my secret tips and favorite products for bringing out healthy glowing skin, I would like to share my perspective and advice on healthy, strong hair. However, my viewers and my patients have been my greatest strength. Their support, love and trust have always encouraged me. Their wish will be my command, ”concluded Goel.

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