Abhay Deol’s house in Goa is a spectacular “glass house in the middle of the forest”

Abhay Deol gave a tour of his luxurious property in Goa. Surrounded by lush vegetation, it has huge glass doors, a swimming pool and a large lawn.

Enter the luxurious Goan home of Abhay Deol.

Abhay Deol recently opened the doors to his lavish property in Goa. The upscale home is surrounded by lush greenery and features sleek, minimalist decor. Abhay described his house as “a glass house in the middle of the forest”.


Abhay Deol was featured in an episode of the YouTube series, Asian Paints Where the Heart Is, and given a tour of his beautiful Goa home. The actor said he wanted to bring the environment into the home. The sumptuous property has huge glass doors, a swimming pool and an expansive lawn.

The caption of the video on YouTube reads: “‘A glass house in the middle of the forest’ is how Abhay Deol likes to describe his carefully designed Goan home. A meditative oasis with a rustic vibe, this space is surrounded by lush vegetation that follows even when you are inside the house.Characterized by its simplicity and clean lines, the house has high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that ensure that you always feel close of nature (sic).


Abhay Deol was last seen in Velle which was a remake of the Telugu film Brochevarevarura. It featured Dharmendra’s grandson and Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol in the lead role. The supporting cast included Abhay Deol, Mouni Roy, Anya Singh, Savant Singh Premi and Visshesh Tiwari.

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