All About Fashion K-beauty Glass Skin

All About Fashion K-beauty Glass Skin

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Varnika Sharma

09 December 2021, 16:27
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Glass skin is another gift from Koreans

If you clicked on this story, either you’ve heard a lot about Glass Skin and want to know more about fashion, or you’ve never heard of it and are wondering about the term.

Glass Skin is another Korean skin regimen that involves the use of various products to achieve a clear, smooth, and glowing complexion, reminiscent of glass.

Glass Skin takes the concept of dewy skin one step further.

K-beauty experts describe it as a condition where the skin is so full of water that light bounces off it.

There are also no bumps or roughness on the skin.

Several products, such as moisturizers, serums, emulsions, sheet masks, etc. are used.

The concept basically revolves around hydration, hydration and hydration.

Start with a double cleanse and exfoliation

Double cleansing involves cleansing the skin twice, first with makeup remover and then with a mild cleanser.

Follow this with exfoliation, the process of removing dead skin cells.

Exfoliators come in two varieties – physical and chemical.

Physical exfoliants are the nutty and apricot ones we all know. Chemical exfoliants contain ingredients like glycolic acid.

Toner is the holy grail of K-beauty

Toner is perhaps THE most important skincare product in Korean skincare. They love it so much that they designed a whole routine around it, known as the 7-step routine.

In this, you apply the toner seven times (phew!), overlapping it.

Toners are important for restoring the pH levels of the skin and they also provide base moisture to absorb the rest of the products.

Serums and emulsions pack a punch

Emulsions are a relatively new term in India. They are basically like serums but have a lighter concentration of the main ingredient.

They have a watery consistency and also treat skin problems, but with the added purpose of intense hydration.

It’s all about adding as much hydration as possible.

Serums come next and target skin concerns, such as aging and pigmentation.

Don’t forget moisturizer and eye cream

Now you add a thick layer of oil-free moisturizer. You can choose one with Korean ingredients, such as bija and cica for best results.

Then apply an eye cream, it goes without saying moisturizing.

Pack all that moisture in with a sheet mask.

Sheet masks are soaked in serum and are great for treating tired skin.

Now imagine what all that layering of moisturizers would have done to your skin. Your skin is soaked with moisture and dripping. Continue the routine for a few weeks for lasting results.

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