“blue glass” house in madrid by martin peláez

‘blue glass’ in madrid: a duality between two worlds

Filled with daylight and soothing hues, ‘Blue Glass’ is a renovated apartment located in the young Chamberí district of Madrid. Spanish studio Martín Peláez led the project from start to finish, seeking to respect the 20th century aesthetics of the apartment while retaining its two load-bearing walls and the existing passageways.

While preserving these features, the architects began revamping the rest of the interior and adding glass block partitions to create new spaces. ‘A duality between two worlds is sought. The old, massive and opaque. The new, light and permeable,’ share the studio.

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combine glass with sky blue tones

Martín Peláez (see more here) introduces the color blue as a chromatic memory echoing the original state of the house: ‘All the interior carpentry was found painted in this color. According to several neighbors, there is something very particular in these houses, which unfortunately is lost with the various transformations carried out.’ Following this criterion, the burgundy hydraulic tiles installed in the living area have been retained, creating a carpet effect that echoes the past while giving character to the space.

live between glass and blue elements 5

Complementing the light blue tone, geometric glass partitions are found throughout the apartment and are made of blocks with different degrees of opacity. The architects reserved the more glossy and transparent glass for the common areas (kitchen and living room) and the matte texture for the intimate areas (bathroom, master bedroom) to provide visual privacy without obstructing daylight.

live between glass and blue elements 2

geometric balance and free-form aesthetics

Spreading over 40 m², the “Blue Glass” in Madrid houses two bedrooms, a full bathroom and an open living space with a dining room and kitchen. The overall interior is defined by soft geometries and curved lines to fluidly connect and articulate the different environments of the apartment. Contrasting these curvatures, pointed ladder-like kitchen cabinets offer sculptural and functional value.

In addition to serving as storage for household items and the kitchen, the cabinets also provide storage space and create interesting views from the dining room and social area. In addition, all storage volumes within the kitchen area are clad in blue, reinforcing the hybrid identity of the house while giving off a playful and visual accent. live between glass and blue elements 3

As for furnishings, the team sought to move away from a finite, fixed image, adopting instead a more spontaneous, free-form aesthetic. ‘The bedside tables are two blocks of concrete, the dining table is a pine top on wheels, the coffee table is a mirror that levitates on a brick base, the sofa is a volume made up of padded foam modules leaning on the floor , looking for horizontality as is the case with the Japanese mattress,’ develops Martín Peláez.

curved glass partitions and light blue tones enhance this renovated house in madrid

live between glass and blue elements 7curved glass partitions and light blue tones enhance this renovated house in madrid

living between glass and blue elements 10

project info:

Last name: blue glass

location: Chamberi, Madrid
architecture: Martin Pelaez

customer: private
Region: 40 m²
Completion date: April 2022
design team: Francisco Peláez, Ainhoa ​​Martin
collaborater: Barbara Garcia Ordonez
furniture design: Martin Pelaez
decoration: Martin Peláez, Barbara García Ordoñez
photography: Love Photos

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