Botox for skin: the best Korean beauty procedure for glass skin



What is involved in “Botox for the skin”?

In addition to targeting different skin issues, Skin Botox also differs from standard Botox in its procedure. Different needles are used for different parts of the face and are inserted around 40 to 50 times along the areas under the eyes, forehead and jaw, which is significantly more than traditional Botox three to five times.

In Korea, it costs around KRW 350,000 (AUD $ 426) for a locally produced Skin Botox formula, while an imported formula would cost you around KRW 500,000 (AUD $ 609).

What do the results look like?

In addition to creating an instant glass skin effect, the injectable is said to minimize the appearance of pores by tightening them. While it cannot target deep creases like standard Botox does, it would be very effective on very fine lines. According to Jivaka Care, an organization that helps international patients find English-speaking cosmetic doctors in Korea, this has many other benefits.

“It can also improve the elasticity and texture of the skin,” their website read. “Research has also suggested that the treatment may also help reduce several common skin problems. These include overactive sebum production and facial redness.”

Another of its main strengths is that it does not produce the “heavy feeling” in the face often synonymous with traditional Botox. This is because injections are considered to be very superficial and therefore unlikely to have an impact on the muscles involved in creating facial expressions.

Much like Botox, results are estimated to last about three to six months.

Where can you get Botox for skin in Australia?

At this point, the best place to get Skin Botox is, you guessed it, Korea. That being said, part of the reason its availability is not immediately evident in Australia is that it is widely considered to fall under the ‘off label’ use category (meaning it doesn’t has not been approved for use by the Therapeutic Products Association for this specific purpose). Accordingly, Allergan (the creators of Botox) cannot comment on its effectiveness or availability.

Saying that, there are a few other very similar injectables available in Australia. One of them is AquaGold, which combines a hyaluronic acid-based filler with a neurotoxin and a diluent, and is injected into the surface layers of the skin for a look similar to that of a ‘glass skin‘. .


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