Break down the top cannabis operators by environmental impact, meet them at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital conference

September 13 and 14 Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago will celebrate, among many other things, the shared commitment to care for Mother Earth. Conference attendees will meet cannabis operators whose businesses are as successful as they are sustainable.

Join us in celebrating some of the most eco-friendly operators in the industry who have been nominated for a Benzinga Cannabis Award. The winner will be announced on September 12.

Best eco-friendly operators

The CannaChange App allows consumers to return their recyclable cannabis packaging to dispensaries in exchange for dispensary credit. CannaChange’s mission is to increase overall sustainability in the cannabis industry and to make sustainability practices more accessible and easier to integrate into consumers’ daily lives.

O’Neil Rudolph, CEO of CannaChange LLC.was a guest speaker at the Miami Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference on April 20, 2022. At that time, Rudolph spoke about CannaChange’s mission and the impact a social equity startup can have on the industry through its commitment towards the environment.

Image by CannaChange

Geomat is a Florida based company company that provides cannabis water containment solutions to commercial cannabis grow facilities who are looking for water containment solutions, with minimal production disruption.

Geomat offers a durable, high quality water containment solution to help growers scale their operations and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

With Geomat, water is contained in an eco-friendly, industrial-grade closed-loop system that can be hooked up to your irrigation to be safely recycled as needed, while plants are elevated allowing them to thrive naturally and grow. retain nutrients.

Picture by Geomat website

Distribution Dama, based in Denver, CO, provides sustainable, compliant, home compostable, and compliant packaging for a variety of industries. Dama also works with hemp plastics.

In the past three yearsDama Distributing has had a massive impact on the world today by preventing over 2 million pounds of toxic petroleum plastic from entering our environment.

Cole Gibbs, founder and CEO of Dama and an innovative entrepreneur, is a pioneer in the development of sustainable hemp plastics and compliant packaging solutions for a variety of industries. Due to the problem of plastic waste, Gibbs established a practical and sustainable strategy for business and industry using the power of hemp and other green technologies. Dama is powered by 100% renewable wind energy.

Gibbs is one of the finest and most capable cannabis executives under 40, nominated for a Benzinga Cannabis Award.

Image by Dama Distributing

Wild CBD, an Oregon-based company that manufactures high-quality hemp-derived products and CBD edibles was founded in 2016. Wyld uses certified labs to assess the safety and potency of its products.

Additionally, Wyld CBD has officially become a certified climate-neutral brand. The company believes that taking responsibility for business-related impacts on climate change requires immediate action.

“Sustainability and the environment have been part of Wyld’s DNA since its inception, and we’re thrilled to be able to join hundreds of certified climate-neutral brands in taking meaningful action for a healthier planet,” according to the Wyld website. Wyld CBD.

Image by Wyld CBD

POSSIBLE is an innovative cannabis farm and powerhouse for many of California’s biggest brands. Located on 12 acres of prime farmland in Salinas, CA. POSIBL’s goal is to grow the perfect flower, ethically, sustainably, profitably and pesticide-free all year round.

Jesús Burrola, CEO of POSIBL, explains that in the United States, producers cannot develop coherent business plans to supply the whole country. The lack of comprehensive regulation means each company must set up its own supply chain in each state. Burrola holds a degree in supply chain management from Arizona State University.

Image from the POSIBL website

N2 LLC Packaging Systems is a sustainable packaging company that uses innovative engineering and proprietary packaging technologies to protect and preserve CBD and cannabis products.

Recently, the company reported 44.5% year-over-year growth in the first half of 2022. N2’s growth was driven by 16 new business accounts in the US and globally, including in Israel and Jamaica.

“Several important market drivers propelled our growth in the first half. Chief among these was an increase in consumer demand for sustainable cannabis packaging and our company’s commitment to fulfilling this market need for our customers whose brands consumers love,” said Thom Brodeur, N2 CEO of packaging. “The other was our promise of a guaranteed national supply of cannabis packaging – a strategic pivot the company made due to supply chain and logistics issues that plagued the entire industry during covid.”

Image by N2pack website

Glass house brands inc. GLASS GLASS GLASS GHBWF is a vertically integrated cannabis and hemp company focused on the California market. From its greenhouse operations and manufacturing practices to retail, the company’s efforts are rooted in respect for people, the environment and the community, say the co-founders Kyle Kazan and Graham Farrar.

Through its portfolio of brands, which includes Glass House Farms, Forbidden Flowers and Mama Sue Wellness, Glass House is committed to delivering on its vision of excellence: exceptional cannabis products, produced sustainably, for the benefit of all.

Recently, Glass House Brands, Inc. entered into a partnership with Seed Junky Genetics. Under the terms of the partnership, Seed Junky will partner with Glass House to breed and breed strains that will be exclusively available under Glass House brands, including Glass House Farms, Forbidden Flowers, Field extracts and others.

Image by Glass House Brands

Find us at Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference on September 13 and 14 in Chicago where cannabis advocates, entrepreneurs and these eco-friendly operators will come together. Stay with us at the historic Palmer House Hotel to discuss the future of cannabis legalization.

Get your tickets HERE and make your hotel reservation HERE.

Photo: Courtesy of Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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