Did BJP’s Kirit Somaiya throw rocks from a glass house?

Preeti Sharma Menon’s view was shared by Nationalist Congress Party spokesman Clyde Crasto, who bluntly attacked Somaiya.

“This is the same man talking about having a lorry full of evidence against this person and an ox cart full of evidence against this person. But has anything come out of any of his allegations so far? now? But when it was his turn to face justice, he magically disappeared and only reappeared as soon as the HC granted him a referral. The minute he returned, he started talking about exposing another scam related to the MVA government.Who gave him the right to collect money on behalf of INS Vikrant in the first place?Even if someone wants to collect donations for a temple in his alley, he has to d “first get permission from the temple. This money, whatever the amount, should have been returned to the people or at the very least handed over to the Indian Navy or the Ministry of Defence,” he said. he declares.

The second allegation against Somaiya was made by senior Shiv Sena official Sanjay Raut, who told the media that he would soon speak about Somaiya’s involvement in a “toilet scam”.

“Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation funds were misappropriated by Kirit Somaiya and his family. I have all the evidence and a case is being filed in this regard,” Raut had said.

Somaiya, meanwhile, has written to the Maharashtra government, refuting all the allegations made against him. In a three-page letter to the state Department of Urban Development, Somaiya said neither his wife Medha nor the Yuvak Pratishthan were involved in such a scam.

“The Yuvak Pratishthan also did not build a toilet without the help of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) or the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). The program concerned was launched on a pilot basis in seven civic bodies in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and Yuvak Pratishthan is one of the NGOs that collaborated in its implementation. Medha Somaiya has done a PhD on slum upgrading and hence her help was sought. It was not a private program, and all decisions for its implementation were made either by the state government or the relevant civic body,” Somaiya’s letter said.

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