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Who doesn’t wish to rise clear and bright skin? While we try to realize that glass pores and skin have a real impact on ourselves, we don’t really pay attention to some higher aspects. food which can work magic for our skin but your exterior beauty will only reproduce in all its glory when you eat the best foods on your skin.

The phrase “glass skin” refers to skin that is evenly toned, shiny and clean and the title “glass skin” comes from the fact that this skin appears to be as perfect as glass and is a very elegant and easy approach to expressing someone with an amazing complexion in the world of trends. Although the “glass skin” era has its origins in Korea, the whole world currently wants to be a part of this trending pattern and to do that, you’ll want to start with glass pores and skin home remedies.

Getting glass skin is something everyone talks about, but it’s unfair to strain yourself just to get that skin, but if you want smoother, shinier skin, there are tons of substances out there that can serve. you in one of the easiest ways possible with the goal of getting glass pores and skin.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, dietitian Garima Goyal revealed the vitamins one should add to their daily diet if they want to see the best result for their skin:

1. Carrots – One of the most colorful green vegetables, carrots are enriched with bate-carotene which is a reservoir of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the skin from sun damage and also prevent free radicals which are responsible for indicators of aging.

2. Nuts – Walnuts contain vitamin E and vitamin B5 which act as protective barriers for the skin and protect the skin from external injuries. The presence of vitamin E nourishes the pores and skin from within and stimulates the production of collagen thus serving to retain the youthful glow.

3. Lawyer – Avocados are loaded with minerals, nutritional vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, all superfoods for the skin. Regular consumption of avocados helps skin tighten and improves skin elasticity. It will increase the production of collagen on the skin and penetrate deep into the skin and nourish it.

Dietician Tauqeer Zehra, founder of GoNutriWay, shared, “People who follow FAD diets to lose weight have complained of skin problems like acne, dullness to their skin, and other issues since by following an FAD diet to lose weight fast, they missed out on important nutrients that their bodies need on a daily basis. Our body is made up of cells, which our body replaces after some time and creates new cells from the food we eat. He incorporated these vitamins into your daily diet:

1. Stock up on important nutritional vitamins – A diet rich in contemporary fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, as well as common daylight advertising, all contribute to skin well-being because several nutritional vitamins, including vitamins C, E and D, play a role in skin health. Citrus fruits, berries, green leafy vegetables and kiwi fruit all contain high concentrations of vitamin C, which may be involved in the production of collagen, the tissue that strengthens pores and skin and improves its suppleness and appearance.

2. Focus on beta-carotene – Beta-carotene, the body’s precursor to vitamin A, is found in the highest concentrations of pink and orange fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, pink peppers, carrots, and sweet potatoes, and it has an antioxidant function powerful in the body, serving to guard cells, especially pores and skin cells, from the consequences of oxidative damage.

3. Omega 3 – Omega 3 is a kind of fat found in fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines. If you are vegetarian, opt for nuts and oilseeds or supplement.

4. Zinc- When it comes to our pores and skin, zinc helps with protein synthesis and cell regeneration. It further acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from injury over time. One of the best ways to get enough zinc in your diet is to eat nutrient-dense seafood like shrimp at least 2-3 times a week. A daily serving of nuts and seeds will also help you meet your zinc needs to aid immune function and skin health.

5. Advanced Vitamin B – The skin’s ability to control cell turnover and sebum production (sebum, an oil secreted by the sebaceous glands, keeps the skin hydrated.) depends on the advanced B vitamin. Meat, eggs, seafood, nuts and seeds all contain vitamin B.

6. Probiotics – Eating probiotic-rich meals promotes clear, healthy skin. Foods rich in probiotics are yogurt, buttermilk, tempeh, idli, dosa and different fermented dishes, kefir, pickles and sauerkraut.

Say hello to beautiful skin by adding these wonderful vitamins to your diet.

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