Former elementary school teacher makes fused glass products | KSNF / KODE


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI – A woman in southwest Missouri doesn’t have to worry about buying ornaments to put on her tree because she makes them herself.

Jane McCauley was nearing the end of her 35-year career as an elementary school art teacher when she went to a retreat that included instruction on how to make mosaic glass. And soon after, she knew exactly what she would do with her free time. Eventually, she also learned how to make products from molten glass.

Jane McCauley, Jane’s Glass Art, said: “Mosaic is glass that hasn’t received heat, and it’s glued directly to a substrate or base, and then you grout it just like you would in your bathroom. , your tile in your bathroom, fused glass is glass stacked and put in an oven.

That it sets over 1400 degrees. The process begins with a large sheet of glass which is then cut into shapes to form the bottom layer of the melting process. Then, she chooses the glass objects that will make up the second layer as well as the color.

“This is a big fruit jar of course”

This time of year she mainly makes Christmas and winter items. And like any good teacher, she’s even ready to show others how to do the same process themselves.

“I teach Local Color and Spiva and in my studio they can plan things, if they’re interested, they can find out about Local Color and Spiva by going to their websites.”

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