From glass skin to DIY hairstyles, these 7 beauty trends ruled in 2020

The curtain should fall on the year 2020. Frankly, it felt like a lot more months than just 12. From wildfires to the ongoing global pandemic, we’ve been through almost everything at this point. 2020 has changed a lot of things; from the way we shopped, the way we worked, and even the way we lived our lives. With him, the beauty industry also experienced a complete reinvention. Face masks are an absolute essential and personal contact has decreased, which has also had an effect on how makeup looks have been created, products have been marketed and positioned for beauty lovers. While we’re all set to see what 2021 will look like, before we do, we take a look back at the 7 beauty trends that dominated 2020 in the skin, hair, and makeup sphere.

The most memorable beauty trends that dominated 2020

We walk through 2020 and pick 7 of the most memorable beauty trends.

1. Up the eye makeup game

What is the accessory that has not left you in 2020? Your face mask. But of course, makeup enthusiasts have found a way around this situation while staying safe. By playing on their eye makeup! Whether it was kohl-lined eyes, a color wash on the lids, glitter lines, or just experimenting with color, all eyes were on the eyes, which was a great way to keep makeup on while the face mask stayed securely in place.

2. Hygiene at heart

A few other skincare products have found their way onto dressing tables. No, it wasn’t eyeshadow palettes or lip glosses. Hygiene was top priority and disinfection a buzzword in 2020, which is why beauty brands have launched their own lines of disinfectant sprays, disinfectant wipes and more to keep skin clean and disinfected. This thoughtful beauty trend has put hygiene at the heart of the beauty routine and reminded us how it is the most important part of any skincare routine.

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3. Glass Skin

Another K-beauty skincare trend has caught on in 2020. Although it originally appeared a few years back, it really shined this year. Called glass skin, the trend is to intensively care for the skin until it almost shines like glass. Definitely not a beauty trend in which you would see results overnight, glass skin requires weeks and maybe months of a nutritious diet, high hydration, disciplined skin care and adequate sun protection. .

4. DIY Hair Makeover

With full lockdowns lasting for months, many have emerged from the coronavirus quarantine with disheveled ends and ratty roots. This led to turning their hair into a DIY makeover project. Hair has become a blank canvas for at-home haircuts, bathroom mirror bangs, and boxed hair color experimentation. After all, everything would grow back, wouldn’t it? Those who didn’t want to take the risk; when they finally arrived in living rooms, they opted for drastic chops and colors to emerge into the world.

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5. Obsession with beauty gadgets

Normally, procedures such as facial cleansing, micro-needling, manicures and waxing involved entering a salon. As this was not possible in 2020, gadgets allowed us to take matters into our own hands. From massagers and hair removal devices to UV lamps and digitally controlled face masks, smooth, glowing skin using a science-based technique could finally be achieved at home.

6. Lipstick that stays put

True blue makeup enthusiasts who couldn’t afford to skip their lipstick while wearing a face mask switched to non-transferring formulas that promised not to budge on coffee mugs, masks, cheeks of their partner, virtually anywhere else. Whether they take off their mask for a quick sip or their pout stays well behind the mask all day, transfer-proof lipsticks were a top pick in 2020.

7. Do-It-Yourself Skin Care Remedies

It’s not just hair that has gone the DIY route. Skincare masks with kitchen ingredients, groomed eyebrows with soap, and coffee grounds body scrubs were just a few of the ways the skincare sphere was enhanced with herbal remedies. and concoctions prepared on the kitchen counter.

Ananya Panday’s turmeric face mask

So, what was your favorite beauty trend of the lot?

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