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BENGALURU: A glass house built in the Gopalakrishna Amanikere buffer zone on the outskirts of Chikkaballapur town by the horticulture department as part of a botanical garden development project is partially submerged following heavy rains In the region.
The glass house (pictured), spread over 1,450 square feet and built at a cost of Rs 5.5 crore, was the subject of controversy and was never inaugurated. It was under five feet of water on Tuesday. Heavy rains over the past three weeks, around 42% of Chikkaballapur’s average annual rainfall, filled the lake for the first time after three decades. The district receives an average annual rainfall of 752mm, but the first three weeks of October alone saw 296mm of rain.
About 70 acres of land in the Gopalakrishna Amanikere buffer zone was sanctioned in 2013 by the horticulture department to build a greenhouse and develop a botanical garden by the then deputy commissioner of Chikkaballapur district.
Considering the illegal structure, the Lokayukta court ordered that the buffer zone of the lake be evacuated and that the agents undertaking civil works in the buffer zone of the lake be prosecuted. However, no action has been taken to demolish the greenhouse built in the buffer zone of the lake. The ministries of revenue, public works and horticulture are playing the blame game and are unwilling to take responsibility. Shashwata Neeravari Horata Samiti President R Anjaneya Reddy said: “It is a criminal offense to build a permanent structure in the buffer zone of Gopalakrishna Amanikere, which is a lifeline for the hundreds of farmers in Chikkaballapur taluk .
Senior Deputy Director of Horticulture, Public Sector, Manjunath G told TOI that since there is a court order, he cannot comment on the matter. “We are awaiting appropriate instructions from the director of horticulture,” he added.


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