Glass House Brands Opens Massive New Cannabis Growing Facility

California-based cannabis company Glass House Brands announced last week that it had begun growing marijuana operations at its new 5.5 million square foot greenhouse in Southern California after receiving approval from open the installation of national and local regulators. The company received licenses from the California Department of Cannabis Control and Ventura County on March 11 and began cultivation operations at the massive facility the same day with the transfer of thousands of seedlings from an existing site to Santa Barbara. A video shared by Glass House shows the ceremonial transfer of the first clone to the installation by drone.

Glass House President and CEO Kyle Kazan said initial offerings from the new grow facility, which should be ready for harvest in the third quarter of this year, include genetics representing several varietals popular with growers. breeders and consumers.

“We are thrilled to have delivered some of our favorite strains from some of the best breeders in the industry in our inaugural delivery of 30,000 clones to the SoCal facility: First Class Funk, Jealousy x Kush Mints, Zkittlez x Kush Mints and MAC1,” Kazan wrote in an email. “As production ramps up, we will continue to explore new technologies and ways of consuming cannabis, which we believe will be the long-term reason the regulated market will overtake the inherited market.”

Glass House is one of the fastest growing vertically integrated cannabis companies in the United States, with cultivation, processing, distribution and retail operations in California, where voters have legalized recreational marijuana in 2016. Late last year, the company expanded its presence in cannabis. food products sector with the acquisition of Plus Products.

Glass House has reserved cannabis grown in the facility for smoking marijuana products, which continue to be the favorites of most consumers. And as cannabis regulations continue to evolve, Kazan is considering new ventures for the site.

“Currently, production from the SoCal facility will be used for pre-roll and floral products, but we will grow with technological innovation in mind,” Kazan explains. “In addition, although not yet legal, we aim to create a wholesale showroom and Napa-style ‘weed tasting’ visitor experiences on the premises, as we anticipate the excitement of the audience for the unique opportunity to see the world’s largest cannabis facility in its entirety. Flowering.”

High-tech cannabis cultivation

The new Southern California cultivation facility consists of six environmentally controlled, high-tech agricultural greenhouses totaling approximately 5.5 million square feet, located on a 165-acre property in Ventura County. In the first phase of the facility’s development from its previous use for growing vegetables, Glass House has converted 1.7 million square feet into state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation. The first phase of renovation includes the conversion of two greenhouses, one of which will consist of a clone nursery to support the entire facility and the other will be used for flowering and will have a capacity of approximately 180,000 lbs. weeds of cannabis per year. The company is also building a packing station for cannabis processing and a separate distribution center to support cultivation operations.

“This is a momentous achievement for Glass House, one we have been looking forward to since completing the acquisition of the SoCal facility six months ago,” said Glass President and Chief Cannabis Officer. House, Graham Farrar, in a company statement. “This is a true ‘Unicorn’ facility that will allow us to produce incredible indoor, sun-grown quality at a cost close to that of the outdoors, providing a sustainable competitive advantage that allows us to succeed in all conditions. of the market.

“In addition, the location of the establishment in an ideal climate; along with its solar and cogeneration capabilities make it much more energy efficient, with remarkably lower carbon emissions than other greenhouse operations,” Farrar added. “We are very proud of the team, incredibly thrilled to have started planting, and look forward to our first harvest later this year. The speed with which the team executed our journey from purchase to plant was truly impressive. »

Kazan characterized securing the licenses for the new grow facility as one of Glass House’s “most significant milestones to date.”

“With our first harvest just months away and the first phase of the SoCal facility upgrade nearing completion, we are well on our way to becoming the leader in cannabis cultivation capacity,” he said in company press release. “However, these are our best practices for artisanal cannabis cultivation; and our high-quality, low-cost production capabilities that will give us a competitive edge in the world’s largest cannabis market.

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