Glass House Farms Flower And PLUS Edibles Reviews

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Last week I visited Glass House Farms in Carpinteria and The Farmacy retail store in Santa Barbara. The greenhouses were impressive and I had a great experience at the dispensary. During my visit, I chose four products to review and diligently sprayed flowers and ate edibles.

I’m happy to share the results because the team can be talented and the greenhouses can be beautiful, but if the yield is lower, it doesn’t matter. Being the leader in low-cost is only important if you create something people want. Lucky for Glass House (OTC: GLASF)the products I have tried are excellent.

Glass House Farms Flower Reviews

I rate the flower on an absolute basis, rather than ranking on a value-based curve. Locally, the Glass House Farms flower costs $29 (before tax), an 1/8th, compared to closer to $60 for high-end indoors and $20-$25 for full-sun outdoors. All photos are of the flower I brought home and were taken with an iPhone with no filters or enhancements.

Super Silver Haze is a strain that Graham has been growing for over 20 years and is a favorite among old-school stoners. This classic won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999. My jar of Super Silver Haze tested at 39.87% total cannabinoids and 1.80% terpenes. Derived from Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze, it is considered a productive sativa, ideal for getting things done and dealing with pain during the day.

Bag call: The buds are army green, sufficiently dense and covered with shiny trichomes. Glass House hand-cuts their flower, which is kinder to the trichomes than machine-cut. In my pot, there were a few smaller leaves left, which does not bother me but harms the visual.

This flower had packaging on 9/8/21, which means it had been sitting for six months by the time I opened the jar and took this picture. California allows flowers to stay on the shelves for up to a year from the packing date, but I’m disappointed when I get things over six months old. This flower burned well and wasn’t too dry, but in its freshest state it probably looked better. Overall appeal of the bag 7/10.

Glass House Farms PLUS Flower and Edible Reviews


Nose: This stuff smells amazing – I was shocked when I opened the jar. Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze lineages blend together to produce bright herbal and spicy notes with citrus notes showing through. Strong and precise, 9/10 for the nose.

Effect: Uplifting, productive and super stoney are the first things that come to mind. Some strong sativas will create anxiety and leave me questioning my life decisions. That’s not the case here, I was just in a good mood and ready to get things done. 10/10 for the effect.

Modified Grapes contains 34.27% total cannabinoids and 1.82% terpenes. This new cultivar is a heavy cross of two classic indicas: GMO and Purple Punch. GMO stands for garlic, mushrooms and onions and is one of the funkiest and most potent indicas. Purple Punch is a sweet and fruity strain known for its Kool-Aid grape flavor and relaxing effect.

Bag call: These pretty blooms feature an array of greens highlighted by splashes of orange hairs. Very dense, large nuggets and well cut. 8/10 for bag appeal.

Glass House Farms PLUS Flower and Edible Reviews


Nose: The Purple Punch terpene profile shines through. More fruity than funky, this will appeal to a wide audience that likes a mix of fruit and earth. Not as strong as Wonder Bars, but still a terpene rich flower. 8/10 for the nose.

Effect: I took three large bags of vapor from my Volcano Classic and was initially surprised at how high and functional it felt. Thirty minutes later, I was glued to the couch and it looked like I was wearing cement shoes. Seems to me like a strain best left after work when relaxation is the priority. 8.5/10 for the effect.

Wonder Bars contains 36.34% total cannabinoids and 2.20% terpenes. In all their tests since January 2020, 1.75% is the average level of terpenes detected by BelCosta Labs. This flower runs on the high end of both cannabinoids and terpenes, which is usually a good indication.

Wonder Bars is a new strain to me, but I know the parents well. This cultivar comes from GMO x Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies. GMO is one of the strongest strains and adds an earthy twist to anything it’s crossed with, while Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies is a new dessert-themed offering. The cross has a tasty terpene profile and a devastating high.

Bag call: This flower looks great. Beautiful shades of green complemented by fiery red hairs and frosted with trichomes. The nuggets are big, dense and the finishing work was spot on. 9/10 for bag appeal.

Glass House Farms PLUS Flower and Edible Reviews


Nose: The terpene profile is an exotic blend of garlic, chocolate, and dead-on-the-road skunk. For some it might be borderline offensive, but I love it. The jar was in my bag on the way home and I grabbed it three times to sniff it again. It’s the type of flower you can smell across the room. Easy 9/10 for the nose.

Effect: It’s a great after-work strain, great for chilling, Netflix-enhancing, and chilling out. I sprayed a quarter gram at 8pm and by 10pm I was having trouble getting off the couch and transitioning to bed. 9/10 for the effect.

I am impressed with all three flower strains from Glass House Farms. They compare favorably to most greenhouse grown flowers I have tried. Nose and effects will also eclipse many interior offerings. That said, it’s hard to compete with the best interiors when it comes to bag appeal and THC content, but these upgrades come at a cost.

The premium indoor costs at least 50% to 100% more than the Glass House Farms flower and requires up to 10 times more electricity to produce. If you need the best, splurge on some Wonderbrett or 710 Labs. But, for most people, Glass House Farms flowers will give them the gist of the experience at a fraction of the price.

PLUS Edibles Review

While at The Farmacy, I purchased PLUS Dual Action Sleep Cloudberry gummies. They come in a cute box with 20 gummy squares. Each square contains 5mg of THC, 1mg of CBN and 1mg of CBD. Cannabinoids combined with 10 sleep-inducing terpenes are designed to aid in falling asleep and maintaining sleep.

Glass House Farms PLUS Flower and Edible Reviews

As a father of two teenagers who spends most of his time worrying about cannabis stocks, sleep is a priority. I often fear edibles because I don’t like consuming sweets and find the effects unpredictable. Fortunately, these little gems only contain 5 calories per serving and the range of cannabinoids provide a very smooth and relaxing experience.

Most of us are familiar with THC and CBD. CBN is another cannabinoid that comes from the breakdown of THC. Unlike CBD, it is mildly psychoactive in very high doses and is best known for its sleep-inducing effects. By combining THC, CBD, CBN and sleeping terpenes in one formula, PLUS uses the entourage effect to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

To test the effects, I took two gummies before bed every other night. The nights off give me the opportunity to compare the use of PLUS to unassisted sleep.

The taste is fruity with a medicinal touch. Some strictly THC edibles are able to remove the taste of cannabis by using flavorless distillates or isolates. In my experience, when you add CBD or CBN, the cannabis-related flavors are amplified. I wouldn’t eat these edibles MORE just because they taste good. However, they are not bad.

I took the food about an hour before bedtime and during this time I noticed that I was tired and fell asleep faster. There was also a stoned feeling, but I slept fast enough that I didn’t have much time to soak up the buzz.

PLUS indicates that you can not only fall asleep faster, but also sleep longer. In my limited testing, I didn’t notice this. On the contrary, I woke up earlier, perhaps because I also fell asleep faster. I haven’t noticed a weed-related hangover the next morning and the product feels clean.

A proper rating would require more testing, but my initial lean is that the PLUS Dual Action Sleep gummies are worth a try for those struggling with insomnia.


This concludes the series of three articles on Glass House Brands. I covered the basics, toured the facilities, and had a chance to assess the production. Each step of the process has increased my respect for the team and my confidence in their products.

My only reluctance relates to California’s broader concerns. Taxes are too high and there are not enough retail stores to sell all the flowers grown. The result is that the traditional market continues to thrive.

There are indications that this is changing. The culture tax could be eliminated this summer, the excise tax could also be reduced and the cities reduce local taxes. This, combined with a record 30 new retail licenses approved in February, shows progress.

If we see a follow-up to tax cuts and stores continue to open at a faster rate, the legal market in California should start to pick up speed. Due to their ultra-low cost of production, any rise in flower prices will significantly increase Glass House’s margins.

When I am convinced that these changes will have real momentum, I will add Glass House to the Green Giants portfolio. They are California’s greatest hope.

Disclosure: At the time of publication, I did not own shares of Glass House and have not been compensated to write this article.

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