Glass house hits Maryland market for $ 1.7 million



The “Glass Barn” is a fascinating estate and on the market for $ 1.7 million

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A fascinating piece of architecture has found its way into the marketplace in a remote part of Monkton, Maryland. A “riverside glass barn designed and engineered on skyscraper principles” is listed for $ 1.7 million, according to

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“A stunning modern house that almost steals the show from its idyllic natural setting. The design refers to a barn, with its sloping red roof and “silo” – which is topped by a hexagonal skylight and houses the stairwell, ”the description said on Baltimore Fishbowl. “It has custom milled birch flooring and custom hardware.”

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Of course, the issue of privacy comes to mind when watching a show like this five-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bath house. Fear not, “interior walls ‘slide along’ tracks are easily moved to block out the sun or create privacy” have your back (or rather cover it), the Baltimore Fishbowl said.

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The estate also has “five-zone geothermal heating and cooling systems with an oil-fired boiler for backup heating,” according to the listing.

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And yes, it is a smart home. Wireless locks, lights, security and shades can be controlled by Alexa voice command.

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Those on the “Zillow Gone Wild” Facebook page had something to say about this 5,754 square foot “architectural masterpiece”, as the listing called it.

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“Looks like a house where an advertisement (Peloton) would be filmed,” said one user, referring to the cutting-edge fitness equipment

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“I’ve seen enough ‘Thirteen Ghosts’ to know this house is NOT a good idea,” another joked.

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“But what if there is a hailstorm? Asked a user. “My dog’s nose would love these windows, there would be a perpetual line of paneling all around the house.”

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“The lack of privacy is worrying,” said another. “I would be afraid of being constantly watched. Even if it was just by (raccoons).

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“It’s all fun and games until someone starts throwing stones…” one said.

Monkton is a town of about 5,000 residents in northern Baltimore County.

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