Glass House Retreat Upminster spa break review

AOutside of its grueling food menu, which is best suited for guests looking to drop a dress size, the Glass House Retreat is hard to fault. The place smells like a giant Jo Malone candle, so you don’t walk as long as you ethereally slide down the halls. With a spliced ​​wood sculpture here, a soft psychedelic watercolor there, the light-touch decor has a cleverly strong character. And, from the dark, comfortably upholstered living room with velvet sofas, to the bedrooms adorned with cool gray fabrics that contrast with white orchids, interiors are almost scientifically designed for deep relaxation.

The activities are exceptional. Mornings usually begin with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon followed by a country walk, as the sun hopefully rises through the rows of corn from the surrounding fields. After breakfast (not so much of a help as an artistic sprinkling of granola on Instagram, in my case), there’s usually an array of high-level cardio morning fitness classes, from boxers to toning and lounging. ‘water aerobics.

Alternatively, guests can stroll through the bijou spa, with its heated swimming pool and (very) cozy sauna, before indulging in one of the treatments. The most original is the cryo chamber – a therapy popular with athletes and celebrities for its anti-inflammatory and fat-burning effects. Those brave enough to spend five minutes in swimsuits and a pair of mittens in the -85 ° C to -110 ° C (-121 ° F to -166 ° F) cabin will come out pumping endorphins (well that it takes several sessions to see a reduction in cellulite).

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