Glass products find their place in kitchen and bathroom renovations

Homeowners undertaking renovation and remodeling efforts continue to pay increased attention to their bathroom and kitchen, which can provide new opportunities for different glazing products. While some trends remain the same as previous years, others, such as increased natural light, are gaining popularity.

The American Institute of Architects’ 2022 Survey of Home Design Trends found that the number and size of residential bathrooms are stabilizing, with many lingering trends continuing to be popular among homeowners. While the size of kitchens has also started to stabilize, the number of kitchens is increasing.

According to the survey, 32% of respondents say there is an increase in the number of bathrooms in residences, which is the same figure as reported in 2020. A majority of 68%, however, say the number of bathrooms remained stable.

When it comes to bathroom size, 22% report an increase, down 3% from last year’s survey. Again, the majority of respondents, 76%, say bathroom sizes have remained stable.

Larger walk-in showers continue to be a major feature for homeowners, with 56% of respondents stating their popularity, although this figure is down 2% from last year. Shower enclosures, often featuring unique glass doors and enclosures, also continue to be trending with a popularity rating of 55%, down 1% from last year’s survey.

Homeowners are also looking for more natural light in their bathrooms. Last year’s survey found that 38% of respondents said these features were popular, up from 42% this year.

Kitchens are experiencing the same trend. For the 2020 survey, 41% of respondents said additional natural light was growing in popularity. The most recent survey found that figure had risen to 44%.

The number of kitchens, which include separate kitchens and secondary food storage and preparation areas, is also increasing. However, the size of these facilities has not changed significantly over the past year. While 52% of respondents report an increase in the number of these areas, 65% say the size of these facilities has remained stable. Glazing products such as backsplashes, countertops, and even cabinets are ways to introduce glass into the kitchen.

According to the survey, home improvement continues to outpace new construction. However, these numbers are down from a year ago. In Q4 2020, 68% of respondents said the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry was improving. In the most recent survey, this figure was 66%.

Even with this slight decline, respondents in all regions reported solid business conditions from the fourth quarter of 2021.

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