Glass skin products you need if you admire the flawless luster of Korean skin

Korean glass skin products have been in the news for quite some time. Polished, clear and flawless skin like glass is a dream for many. Especially after the K-pop wave took over the world with music, K-dramas and movies, K-beauty has also become a highly scrutinized topic. Everyone wanted to know why Korean skin looks so intact and perfect! Glass skin products have quickly started dominating the beauty space and if you haven’t checked it out yet, we’re going to tell you why you should!

What is glass skin and how to achieve it?

No marks, no flaws, just perfect, that’s what glass skin is. A smooth skin texture that shines almost like glass can be achieved by following a dedicated and diligent skincare regimen. Korean Glass Skin involves a 7-step process that consists of double cleansing, exfoliation, toning, serum application, essence, hydration, and sunscreen. Using sheet masks also helps in making your skin smooth and glass-like.

Here are 7 glass skin products:

Below are some Korean glass skin products that you must add to your beauty regimen to flaunt a flawless face.

1. Moisturizing face toner

This K-beauty product with rice water extracts is an excellent moisturizing toner that soothes the face and improves texture. This delivers non-sticky hydration and nutrients with a soft feel. This toner finely tightens enlarged pores and lightly replenishes the skin with long-lasting hydration.

Price: Rs 765

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2. Betaine and Xylitol Finished Face Serum

With moisturizing properties, this unisex serum enhances the natural recovery and regeneration of your skin cells. It retains moisture for long hours, leaving your skin visibly fuller and radiant. The serum also reduces the visible appearance of wrinkles giving you a glass shine.

Price: Rs 749

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3. Good Vibes Vitamin C & B3 Skin Glow Serum

Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 are a powerhouse of skin lightening properties. Together they impart antioxidant properties for glowing skin by smoothing skin texture and diminishing wrinkles. The serum also works to reduce water loss and lock in skin’s moisture.

Price: Rs 185

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4. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Micro-Essence

Essence is the key ingredient in the Korean Glass Skin Diet. This glass skin product penetrates deep into the skin to accelerate skin renewal and lightly exfoliates the skin. It is a facial serum suitable for acne-prone skin, oily and dry skin as well as combination skin.

Price: Rs 205

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5. Yu Bu Glass Skin Serum

This K-beauty serum works especially on dry, dull skin to rejuvenate your face and boost its hydration. It’s formulated with star Korean beauty ingredients like Korean Ginseng, Niacinamide, and Snail Mucin Extract for instant dewy glass skin.

Price: Rs 630

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6. Klairs Freshly Squeezed Vitamin C Serum

This skin-repairing Korean beauty serum fbrown spots and pigmentation. The multi-solution serum with complete anti-aging protection properties transforms and rejuvenates the skin. It is stabilized with pure vitamin C to treat dead skin cells, dullness and enlarged pores.

Price: Rs 1334

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7. Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are an easy way to relax and soothe your skin. It removes oily impurities from the skin and nourishes your face proving the good moisturizing and healing properties. It also helps eliminate tan blemishes and fade. After cleansing, put the mask on the skin with the water removed to gain the luster of Korean glass skin.

Price: Rs 600

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These Korean glass skin products will help you achieve a flawless face like your favorite K-dramas actors. They are rich in vitamins and collagen-boosting ingredients that keep skin looking smooth, firm and youthful.

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