Glass Skin: the K-Beauty trend of the moment

From BB creams to sheet masks and block brows, Korean skincare products and trends have been taking the world by storm for quite some time now thanks to all these innovative new formulas and making the most of some nature’s most incredible skin-transforming ingredients. And one of the latest K-beauty trends making waves is glass skin. The look, which took off in Korea in 2013, is a trending hashtag on Instagram and continues to fascinate beauty lovers on social media.

Evoking the idea of ​​a piece of crystalline glass, the trend is for shiny, poreless skin that is positively dewy and luminous. It’s a bit different from honey skin, another K-beauty trend, as it focuses more on a poreless appearance and a radiant finish rather than moisture and dewyness.

If you want to achieve that glowing, seemingly seamless, youthful skin, not to mention the refined texture, you’ll need to add a little more time to your beauty routine. Knowing that all fabulous results take time, there is a strategic multi-step routine that you are advised to follow patiently (and lovingly). Although we all have different skin types, there are basic products and techniques that work together to give you the gorgeous skin you’ve been looking for. The glass skin trend is all about double cleansing, exfoliation, and layering with lightweight, hydrating, and brightening skincare products.

While revealing every step of her skincare routine for glass skin on social media, Ellie Choi went viral as everyone loved her newborn baby skin. Check it out below:

First, the Los Angeles-based aspiring makeup artist, who said she has combination skin, used makeup remover wipes to remove any makeup on her face. Next, Choi uses a facial cleanser to remove any excess oil, dirt, and makeup, making sure to use a product that doesn’t over-dry the skin. And every other day, the makeup artist exfoliates after cleansing to give her a “healthy, natural glow.” Next, she takes on some toner to remove the last bits of dirt to make sure her skin is super clean, and finally, she dabs on a dollop of moisturizer. Additionally, Choi uses a sheet mask once or twice a week. She also said eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water every day and avoiding fried foods as it affects her skin all played a role.

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