Glass skin | These Glow-Givers deliver dewy glass skin for real

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You’ve probably heard the term “glass skin” delineated around beauty circles before — a synonym for skin so smooth and dewy, it reflects light just like glass.

It sounds lovely – but, more often than not, glass skin isn’t achievable in real life. Born in the K-Beauty community (where double-digit product lines are commonplace), the glass skin quickly evolved to encapsulate everything we love to see on the sidelines about beauty: laborious techniques, over-the-top diets, and , ultimately, silly beauty standards. .

Can your real, unfiltered skin be so smooth and dewy that passers-by will stop you on the street? Maybe not – and that’s okay. Forget the 12-step skincare routines (bad for your skin barrier and your wallet) and instead turn your hand to the new school of super-smart skin illuminators, which deliver that coveted glassy glow in one quick swipe.

Products that will provide glass skin in seconds

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This is your all-around staple for creating a dewy, just-cleansed, hydrated glow that lasts all day. So many similar skin tones dry out on skin or fade in minutes, but this one offers lightweight coverage and a hydrated glow that stays on from day to night.

While you’re at it, also try Dewy Stix Tanning Balm for Everyone. We promise you will be hooked.

If we’re fanatical about Gucci Westman and its eponymous product line, it’s because we are. The red carpet makeup artist has created what might just be the ultimate glass skin highlighter: this rosy balm strikes the perfect balance of pigment and shine, making skin look ridiculously luminous.

Swipe it on the highest points of your cheeks, dab with a finger to blend the edges (a brush will move the product too much) and recharge throughout the day. There is an array of shades, but the pearl bed is suitable for everyone.


Glass Glow Shinelighter in Crystal Clear

We’ve all seen skinfluencer selfies with skin so oiled it literally reflects light. Well, that’s the shortcut to that blinding glow effect: it’s basically a completely clear liquid highlighter that bounces sunlight off your cheeks.


Beauty Radiance Light Effect

Gucci’s typically rebellious stance on beauty means there’s little glitz or shimmer in the collection. This sheer lip gloss can be swiped over lids, cheekbones and lips to create a dewy, wet look. Just dense enough, it will stay right where you put it for hours.

If you like a little bronze with your glow, this is the one to try. It looks extremely metallic in the tube, but trust us: a tiny amount, mixed on hydrated skin, results in a glassy, ​​tan-enhancing glow. Use a loose stippling brush to smudge it without messing up your foundation base underneath.

The most versatile product in our kits, Futuredew from Glossier is not one to sleep. The brand advises applying this oil-serum hybrid as the last step in your skincare regimen, but we prefer to use it as a highlighter: the “thick” almost balm-like texture somehow skims pores and blemishes, giving your complexion a very glassy appearance.


Limited Edition Stick Glow Blush

It’s your secret weapon for those “no makeup” days. Super subtle yet remarkably flattering, this solid stick melts onto the cheekbones to add a sweet dose of radiance. Try it on your cupid’s bow to really make your lips pop.

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