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HYDERABAD: Nothing equals the elegance and simplicity of translucent, dewy, luminous skin – the so-called “glass skin” popularized by Korean beauties breaking the internet. Typically, it takes a lot of effort to achieve clear and glowing skin as it would require using multiple products to achieve the look. But there is a permanent solution. Skin care experts suggest that eating a healthy diet and applying the right products can give you glassy skin that lasts forever.

“Increasing the intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and foods rich in vitamin C can make your skin appear naturally glassy and flawless,” says Dr. P Swapna Priya, consulting dermatologist and cosmetologist at Care Hospitals. “Sunscreens can prevent skin aging and help maintain the appearance of glassy skin.

Additionally, a cleanser, moisturizer, and anti-aging cream are recommended for people between the ages of 25 and 30. Younger people can use toner to keep their skin hydrated. Depending on the skin type, you can also use vitamin-based serums, ”explains Dr. Swapna, explaining in more detail the cosmetics used to achieve glass skin.

According to Unsweetened Beauty, a city-based beauty blog that helps people recognize their dermatology issues, glass skin gives a very rosy appearance. It is a look where the skin is well hydrated. To achieve the look, Koreans use gasoline and follow it with a serum. “For a product to be absorbed, your skin has been a little damp. When you apply a serum on the essence, it looks better because your face is already a little damp, and the product is absorbed better.” , explains Vaishnavi, the founder of the blog.

“Apply moisturizers to your skin when it’s wet. Do not dry twice or rub your face with a towel. If you want to get that dewy skin at home, you can use hydraulic acid serum, top up with toner, another serum, and finally moisturizer. So every step makes your skin moist and eventually you will get that hydrated glass skin look, ”she says.

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