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BENGALURU: Every beauty lover’s dream is to shine like light and have a halo around them. In addition to good skin care, a good diet, and habits that suggest good skin, the dewy appearance can be acquired in seconds with the help of a highlighter. Kim Kardashian introduced the highlighter and contour trend a decade ago, and it’s been very popular ever since. Who doesn’t love the defined and accentuated look it gives? The trending glass skin on Instagram means that highlighters are a must in every vanity box.

Types of highlighters

  1. Cream: A translucent strobe cream to give you perfectly juicy skin
  2. Liquid Serum: If you are a makeup pro, use it with a dropper and slide it over your face for glow
  3. Compact Powder: Most of us use it with a fan brush for the perfect shine. Don’t overdo it or you’ll end up with a shine of raver
  4. Cream Powder Duo: The flawless finish of the powder and a glow from within is what this highlighter creates. You can use lighter shades from temple to cheek and a darker shade for cheekbones for size and shape

Skin tone and choice of highlighters
Indians have a warm complexion, which makes it possible to experiment with any type of makeup. Still, it is a daunting task to select the right shade of highlighters. Navreet Josan, National Artist, MAC Cosmetics India, says, “Pick the right shade of highlighter. A color that is too light will stand out blatantly and not blend with your skin. Too hot a highlighter will look too tan. Choose a shade that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone so that it blends in perfectly. She adds, “Emphasize strategically. It is important to balance the shine of the highlighter with the matte. Highlight the highlights of your face and keep the rest of the face looking matte.

  1. Dark complexion: this is the best complexion to achieve a totally glamorous look with bronze, copper and gold tones accentuating the radiance
  2. Neutral skin tone: Use highlighter brick with shades of pink going to rose gold. The mixture of shades gives a magnificent glow to the skin
  3. Fair skin: think pearls, silver and champagne tones. Zorain Khaleeli, Founder of Zorains Studio and Academy, says: “Choosing the right highlights is very important. They can be matte or shiny. Matte highlights create subtle elevations and look more natural. Bright highlights create a more defined and enhanced lift. It’s a big trend in today’s makeup routine now.

(The author is a social media influencer @loftyspectrums and a lifestyle coach)

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