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Once upon a time I used to film the weird YouTube video – where unlike Instagram the community is a bit more ‘honest’, I would get comments like ‘Why does her skin look l look so fat?” or “has this girl heard of powder?”. We can now say that dewy/glossy skin is the hottest beauty trend right now, but have you heard of glass skin?

A look pioneered by the Koreans (duh?!), glass skin is a tricky image to master, but once you find the right products, it can be achieved overnight. Here are my top tips for getting the glass look…

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Night care – Allies Of Skin, Bright Future Overnight Facial

This is the most crucial step. As we know, our skin regenerates while we sleep, so now is the time to use a product that will work hard without you having to. I have been using the Allies Of Skin Bright Future Night Facial for a few months and can say that it is the product that has had the most dramatic and noticeable effect on my skin in the morning. It may be a bit more expensive (£110), but well worth it. A potent blend of AHAs (to slough off dead surface skin) and Retinol (a powerful antioxidant that helps skin cell production), you won’t be disappointed with the results; it leaves my skin glowing.

Cleanse – This Works, Light Time Cleanse and Glow

I’m a sucker for a cleansing balm, and This Works Light Time Cleanse And Glow is the ultimate morning skin glow. Not too thick or buttery, it’s the perfect texture for a quick clean that gets results. Emulsify the balm in water to activate vitamin C and massage into skin for 1 minute. I really love this product – the scent, the texture and the brightening effect it leaves on the skin – it’s a hidden gem.

Exfoliation – La Prairie, Peeling 3 minutes

Now, to break out the big guns, La Prairie 3 Minute Peel. Your skin is prepped and cleansed, now for a scrub. This weekly exfoliating treatment gives my skin more luminosity than most professional facials I’ve had. A fast-acting formula is as gentle as it is effective. Infused with AHA and BHA to slough off dead skin and keep it looking positive.

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Hydrate – Augustinus Bader, The Rich Cream

Typically at this point in my skincare routine I would go in with a serum, but the next product deserves direct skin contact. Rich Cream by Augustinus Bader. A product that has become cult in the beauty world. Augustinus has used his knowledge of stem cell science to create a cream that stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process, not only does it produce long-lasting effects, but it instantly leaves skin with a pure, dewy glow.

Makeup – Becca Cosmetics, Shimmer Skin Perfector in Pearl

If all that wasn’t enough and you can’t resist rummaging through your makeup drawer, then Becca Cosmetics is your go-to brand for ‘glass skin‘. What I like the most about Becca highlighters is that they have NO glitter! They just leave a shiny, radiant finish on the skin that lives up to their “lit from within” slogan. Try the Shimmering Skin Perfector in pearl shade, the pearlescent shade will blend into your skin leaving it looking radiant rather than made up!

Check back later this month for more beauty tips.

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