How K-Pop Stars Get Glass Skin – K-Beauty Skin Care Tips

Ever since I started doing K-pop for Seduce in 2017, I interviewed around 142 idols – and it’s not over yet. Through our backstage or phone conversations, I’ve learned that beauty, especially skin care, blurs language barriers and gives us common ground. I might not have the expert ability to achieve a high grade while riding like the Shownu from Monsta X, Joshua from Seventeen or Chung Ha, but at the end of the day we all wash up and dive in. a complete skin care routine. . Additionally, several beauty terms are exactly the same in Korean as they are in English, such as lotion, serum, eye cream, and cleansing foam.

However, roughly halfway through our discussions, things tend to get weird. Maybe it’s the unconventional makeup that I wear or maybe no one gets a chance to ask about their skincare routines like I did, but the K-stars -pop often share with me amazingly unexpected secrets about their clear, pore-free skin.

A certain member of a group of boys once revealed that he was washing his face with contact lens solution. In another interview, someone told me that they applied the product with a specific finger and that that finger alone.

You can find out exactly who I’m referring to below, as well as some more decidedly weird – but surprisingly – effective skin care techniques for getting glass peel from the mouths of K-pop stars. And while I was there, I thought I would include a few not-so-weird tips while I was there. I swear none of them are “clean water”.

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