How to Get Perfect Korean Glass Skin with Natural Ingredients

Koreans are known for their beautiful skin and are the creators of Glass Skin, a skincare concept in which the skin appears shiny and reflects like glass due to its clarity and translucency. It is a popular K beauty craze that has swept the world. Glass skin is defined as having a fair complexion, smooth texture and plump skin. Check out these Korean home remedies to get that glassy look at home. In fact, these home remedies have been used in India for ages. Beauty Guru Shahnaz Husain suggests natural ingredients that can give you Korean glass skin.

Aloe Vera

The excellent natural characteristics of Aloe Vera have long been used for skin improvement. The gel is excellent for dry and damaged skin, has naturally faded scars and hydrates the skin.

Cut an aloe vera leaf in half and remove the gel. Apply the gel to your face and let it sit for an hour. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry. For future use, store the remaining gel in an airtight container.

Rosehip oil

If you want to get glassy skin at home with natural ingredients and home remedies, rosehip oil is a great way to start. Rose hips are the fruit of the rose and have also been used in Ayurveda in the treatment of skin ailments and problems. Rosehip essential oil is high in omega-3s, vitamin E, and vitamin A, all of which help clear scars and blemishes.

This oil is suitable for people of all skin types. You should apply 3 to 4 drops of rosehip oil on your face every night before going to bed and wash it off in the morning. Within a week you will see a significant difference.

sugar scrub

Sugar scrub is one such solution that works wonders for exfoliating the skin. It removes dead cells and increases cell renewal, improving skin circulation and a natural glow.

Take half a tablespoon of white and brown sugar and mix them with water. Then, apply the mixture to your skin for two to three minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water now. Use this scrub at least once a week before going to bed.


If you want to have Korean-style glass skin, you must use honey because it contains various components that are beneficial not only for the skin but also for the hair. Be sure to use only organic honey, which is rich in nutrients and antioxidants and helps keep your skin flawless and smooth.

To prepare this remedy, combine one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Make a thick paste and apply it on your face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. Using water, rinse and pat your skin dry.

Fermented rice water
Rice water is known to eliminate UV damage to the skin and promote the formation of collagen, which keeps skin smooth and wrinkle-free.

Boil some rice, drain it and save the water. Let it cool completely before transferring it to a spray bottle. You can also avoid boiling the rice by soaking it in water overnight and collecting the water the next morning. Leave to ferment for 2-3 days before applying the fermented rice water as a face spray in the morning after your shower and just before bedtime.

So if you want to get glassy skin naturally, incorporate these ingredients into your skincare regimen. Plus, to achieve glowing skin, you need to pay equal attention to your lifestyle and daily routine. Use sunscreen, hats and scarves to protect your face and body from UV rays while it’s daylight. Make hydration a top priority in your skincare routine. Drink plenty of water every day and eat plenty of water-rich vegetables and fruits.

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