Inside Abhay Deol’s stunning glass house in the middle of a forest

The actor’s humble abode in Goa is surrounded by lush greenery and exudes minimalist decor. His home is everything you’d expect from the actor who prefers to fly under the radar: distinct, remarkable and very private. “A glass house in the middle of the forest” is how Abhay Deol likes to describe his carefully crafted Goan retreat in the third episode of Season 5 “Asian Paints Where The Heart Is.”

Watch episode 3 here.

Goa is all about sun and sand, but there’s another face of this place that tourists don’t see: the forest. Step away from the sea and you will find that this is where the locals live, far from the madding crowds and nestled in the soothing greens of Goa. And it is precisely there that Abhay built himself a magnificent glass house.

A meditative oasis with a rustic vibe, this space is surrounded by lush greenery that follows even when you’re inside the house. Characterized by its simplicity and clean lines, the house has high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that ensure one always feels close to nature.

The roof lines rise high and there is a very purposeful stance in this house; Abhay’s vision for this house is clear: clean, crisp, airy and a structure that brings the forest into the house. Glass walls are all that separates the interior from the exterior, and there’s a sense of openness to the decor that matches this theme: exposed brick and cement surfaces, wooden staircases, and more.

Bold color makes an appearance: there are deep blue walls that contrast with the floor and guest artists have left their mark on the house with stunning work on the exterior walls. In the end, this is what stands out from the house of Abhay: its strong ideas materialized by a clear vision.

Season 5 of “Asian Paints Where The Heart Is” takes viewers on an exclusive tour of four uniquely beautiful homes of much-admired celebrities. This year it features Suniel Shetty, Guru Randhawa, Abhay Deol and Remo D’Souza who opened their doors to viewers, offering a glimpse of who they are behind the screen. Each of these homes has been a labor of love, built with perseverance and passion from the foundation to the roofs. This series will show us how these stars relax at home and what inspires their personal decorating choices.

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