It’s the best base to give me a “glass skin”

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You know that incredibly smooth, gloriously shiny skin you see on models? Where does it look like they’ve just been blessed with a mist in a tropical rainforest to leave their skin poreless and glowing? This perfect rosy look? It seems impossible for mere mortals to pull off, but it’s actually not that hard – at least not if you’re using the Innisfree Aqua Fit Cushion, which gives just the right amount of that “glass skin” look for everyday wear.

I’m not a big fan of heavy foundations, but this pad provides the perfect lightweight coverage that makes my complexion look totally consistent. (And it can still be associated with concealment if you suffer from the inevitable period-induced rash or dark bags under your eyes.)

Also, the number one thing I look for (and you should too) when it comes to any type of basic makeup is sun protection, and Innisfree, being a beloved skincare brand, has it. perfected with SPF 40, an assurance that your skin will stay that cute for years. Besides, it stinks incredible thanks to its formula infused with green tea extract.

But perhaps most important is the eco-friendliness of this K-beauty brand. The cushion, like all her other beauty products, is sold separately from its packaging. New customers buy cushion and a housing, but in the future you will only have to replace the plug-in insert. Say goodbye to all the unnecessary hard plastic exteriors of old compacts (and the extra dollars that went into making them). There are tons of colors and patterns choose for compacts (I spent 20 minutes looking at the wall display in the Innisfree storefront because I’m horrible at making decisions) so you can even start color coordinating your beauty products.

If you’re not looking for that rosy look, don’t worry, there’s also a matte version. At just $12 for the cushion insert, there will be no buyer’s remorse for throwing away a big chunk of change. But, believe me, there wouldn’t be anyway.

innisfree, Aqua Fit Cushion, $12, available at innisfree; innisfree, Compact Case, $10 or $11, available at innisfree.

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