‘Love Alarm’ star Song Kong attributes the sheen of her glass skin to THIS product, details inside

Song Kang stars popular South Korean web TV series Love alarm season 2 is released today. In the midst of this, Song Kang revealed the secret behind the exceptional glow of the skin. As reported by Philstar, Kang has become the new face of Deoproce. For the uninitiated, Deoproce is one of the leading Korean beauty brands available in the Philippines.

While making Song Kang its brand ambassador, the company also launched its latest product line which includes the Natural Green Caviar line. According to the portal, the line includes cleansing water, toner, facial cleanser, water-based moisturizer with skin perfecting tint, and a vitamin C ampoule. Now the Love alarm The star revealed he’s in love with the face wash and reportedly attributed its shine to the Caviar line. The featured report includes the brand statement that explains that green caviar is rich in vitamins A and C as well as omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids, which helps stimulate collagen and therefore reduce fine lines.

The brand claims that green caviar helps the skin retain moisture, and Song Kang gave it the green light. Meanwhile, he returns as model Hwang Sun-oh in Jiyoung Park’s Love alarm 2. The all new season is set to reveal the deeper connection of all of the best friends. Besides Song Kang, the series stars Kim So-hyun and Jung Ga-ram in the lead roles. The first season of the series was based on the famous Daum Webtoon written by Chon Kye-young.

The previous season follows the life of a high school student finding his own identity in a society heavily influenced by mobile applications. One of the apps has the ability to notify if someone nearby has romantic feelings for them. This new-age tech story portrays a love story within 10 meters. Now, the show’s second season covers a new development in the high school girl’s life.

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