Meet and greet at the glass house in prison

What’s new? Booths with anti-attack barriers between visitors, inmates and CCTV cameras to enable proper and safe meetings

The Parappana Agrahara the central prison has opted for high technology to ensure that inmates can meet family and friends without fear. The installation of anti-attack goggles and telecommunications facilities in the visitor’s room for inmates takes into account both the requirements of appropriate behavior and the security of inmates and visitors.

The new parlors with glazed cabins are ready to open for visitors.

The newly installed anti-attack glasses which will be a barrier between the visitor and the inmate will help maintain the covid protocol. Currently, due to the pandemic, face-to-face meetings are not permitted and visitors are only permitted to speak to inmates over video calls.

Ranganath P, the prison’s chief superintendent, said they have been planning for a long time to adopt anti-attack glass and telecommunications facilities and now, due to the pandemic, it has become a situational need to adapt. .

“These are installed in other countries and have been in use for a long time and we are adapting the technology according to international standards. There will be

no older school meetings of detainees across the grilled barricades. They can sit and talk face to face through the telecommunications facility,” he said.

The glass that has been installed in the cabins is virtually unbreakable

He said there were 19 booths in the visitation room and each booth had anti-attack goggles installed. “CCTV cameras will be installed in the visiting room. Work started a few months ago and it is now ready to be opened to visitors,” he said. The project cost Rs. 69 lakh, he says.

According to him, the solid glass does not break even if five to six people attack it with all their might. “The first pilot project was set up in shivamogga prison and currently all prisons in the state are in the process of implementing it,” he said.

CCTV cameras will be installed in the halls. Work started a few months ago. The project cost `69 lakh

–Ranganath P, Chief Superintendent

A prison official said physical encounters were difficult to monitor, but with the glass cubicles and CCTV camera now it’s more secure. “The glass cabins are open to visitors in the old building. The new building will also have another visitation room similar to this one. Security at the prison has been tightened over the past two months and staff have also been prevented from carrying their mobile phones inside the premises. We have high-tech scanners at the entrance to scan the bags of all visitors entering the prison,” the official said.

He added that it is a major relief that the glass is also helping to prevent the spread of covid. “The cabins are spacious and provide sufficient physical distance between other visitors and the glass will also protect them. As many people would touch the phones, we will do regular disinfection,” he said.

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