PCA Skin’s Vitamin C Treatment Gave Me The Glass Skin Of My Dreams – Review

The idea of ​​having glass skin in this life or the next seemed about as attainable as winning an Olympic gold medal or a Grammy. (I’m neither athletic nor musically gifted.) Because I have cystic acne, glass skin seemed like an award reserved for celebrities and genetically blessed people — not me.

This lie I told myself was amplified by what the experts around me told me. A makeup artist once warned her assistant not to put blush on me because my skin is “textured.” Also, as soon as I started using prescription acne treatments late last year, a dermatologist told me that I should probably have laser treatments to fade my breakout scars. past. Part of the reason I stopped believing all that bullshit, however, came down to one product: the PCA Skin C&E Advanced with Hexylresorcinol and Silymarin.

Not to flex, but meeting K-pop group Red Velvet recently proved to me that the vitamin C product is really job. After having taken A picture with them, I noticed that my skin looked as radiant and as clear as that of all the members of the quintet. Honestly it’s the true glass skin test.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the unexpected consistency of the PCA Skin Vitamin C Treatment and how its powerful formula helped me achieve my glass skin dream.

Why a waterless dough is key

When our skincare editor, Sarah Kinonen, gave me a tube of PCA Skin C&E Advanced, I was skeptical. In the past vitamin C serums have done nothing for my skin or made my acne worse. It’s not a serum, however, it’s a waterless paste.

“This creates a more stable environment for the vitamin C to keep it from breaking down, keeping it more potent and allowing it to last longer in the tube, which ultimately contributes to better efficacy,” the dermatologist said. New Yorker Joshua Zeichner. Seduce.

Courtesy of the brand

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