Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum Review

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Behind almost every skin care trend there is one well-reviewed product that has led the way and Peach & Lily’s Glass Skin Refining Skin Serum is a prime example. The Korean beauty destination is known for its well-stocked e-commerce site, which is packed with fan favorites like Saturday Skin and its own in-house collection of the same name. But it was mostly the $ 39 serum that caught my attention.

Promising pore-free and luminous results, the refining formula has been hailed in the beauty world since its inception, and to say I was intrigued was an understatement. In my personal quest for flawless ‘glass’ skin, I couldn’t help but wonder if this award-winning serum was Actually worth the hype.

If you know K-Pop beauty, you know that glass-like skin is considered one of the most sought-after qualities in Korea because it is closely associated with youth. But what exactly does the skin of glass look like? As adjectives such as translucent and dew come to mind, Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily, explains that it’s actually a lot more complex than that and that getting porcelain skin doesn’t happen. not overnight. In fact, it’s not really a trend at all, it’s a lifestyle that promotes blemish-free and hydrated skin, only to be enhanced with the use of the brand’s coveted serum.

Peach & Lily’s Refining Serum is full of what the brand identifies as “Superskin Ingredients”. This includes niacinamide to help calm inflammation and red spots; antioxidants that brighten the skin; madecassoside, an active ingredient intended to prevent redness); and East Asian mountain yam for a softer look. And of course, the peach extract, which offers a range of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to keep the skin on your face firm and resilient, which means bouncing better against irritants and toxins. Together, this cocktail of ingredients should give you glassy skin.

After using the serum for a little over a month, I began to understand that if you are looking for translucent skin consistency is key and as soon as those glowing results appear they can be undone. However, what I found most beneficial was how smooth it made my skin, especially as someone who has long battled the dry patches and breakouts associated with combination skin.

Overall, Peach & Lily’s best-selling product did exactly what it advertised (which in some cases can be half the battle). But beyond that, I found the formula gentle enough for my selectively sensitive skin, making it a top contender for just about anyone in the medicine cabinet, regardless of your type. of skin. So was is it worth the hype? I would say so, as long as it is slow, steady skin care that you are looking for.

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Glass refining serum with peach and lily

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