[Premiere] Glass – Skin transfer

New first video for A glassThe track “Skin Transfer” from their latest EP released on Comic Sans Records.

Here’s what Nina Orliange had to say about the video:
My work is essentially shaped by a documentary approach, I often start projects by meeting people and characters who pique my curiosity and interest me through their hobbies. My first short film was about teenagers who all have hobbies in which they are invited to represent themselves, this is an important point in my work: my films are about fiction.
This is what I wanted to recreate in the clip for Skin Transfer. Glass’s music is a playground for the imagination and I wanted to recreate this playground in the video. I like the idea of ​​viewers imagining different stories and having multiple theories about what they just saw.
As a teenager, I lived in a similar suburb where I imagined a lot of fictional stories, so the place where the clip takes place relates to my own experience and my own imagination. In the video, I like the idea that we don’t know anything about the characters. Although they are really stereotypical, it is really difficult to determine what their goals are. They circle around this residential area which takes the form of an arena .; they look at each other, they don’t know who they are dealing with. From very insignificant elements, we can imagine a lot of things: the package, the staring gaze, the guy in sports clothes … I think it’s representative of Glass’s music: there are a lot of discreet elements. , notes, effects, drums that feed the mind and seem to mean something in terms of storytelling.

Buy the record at: https://comicsansrecords.bandcamp.com/album/anxiety-prime

Watch the official Skin Transfer video:

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