Put glass skin aside, Cream Skin is the new K-beauty trend you need to know

Korean beauty consumers have a huge appetite for skin care – the famous 10-step skin-care routine, sheet masks, and snail mucin are all industry exports – this which gives Seoul-based skin care companies the license to find new cutting-edge technology and infiltrating ingredients. to international markets. Korean women and men focus on hydration by layering tonics, moisturizers, oils and essences in an attempt to make their skin plumper, younger, brighter and more glowing, without any pores or blackheads in it. view. When we think of K-beauty, glass skin is one of the first terms that comes to mind. to rush the gaze.

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So what is everyone thinking in Korea right now? The answer is skin cream. “Laneige launched their Cream Skin product, which is a fusion of a hydrating toner and a moisturizer, and that started the whole trend,” said Charlotte Cho, co-founder of Soko Glam, who is considered one of the first retailers to offer Korean products. It is a unique product formulation which is milky in texture and not creamy or heavy as the name suggests – it is quite light and refreshing and penetrates the skin quickly which is one of the reasons for its popularity in Korea and now in the United States, ”she explains.

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This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originates.

If you think it looks a lot like glass skin anyway, Cho makes a difference. “Glass peel was a trend that promised translucent, pore-free skin, achieved after exfoliating and hydrating it the right way with the right products. In comparison, the skin cream category helps reduce the number of steps in your skin care routine while softening and nourishing the skin, with an emphasis on deep hydration, ”she says.

Experts say skin cream could have been an answer to “Skip-Care,” the most extreme version of the practice. After years of the multi-step beauty routine’s popularity, some young Koreans have started to favor a more streamlined routine, suggesting that a simple cleanser and moisturizer could do the job of all the steps combined. The Skip-Care exercise also served as a cultural battle: Women began to struggle with the idea that their femininity and self-esteem was directly related to the translucency and beauty of their skin. Skin cream sits right in the middle – it puts the best of K-beauty (the soothing toner and plumping moisturizer) into one all-in-one product that can help brighten and hydrate skin, without the expense. to spend more time -consumption habit.

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