Rosy highlighters to try for glass skin glow like Alia Bhatt and Kiara Advani

Alia Bhatt and Kiara Advani represent very well the next generation approach to the idea of ​​“bright makeup”. Unlike the chunky, shimmery, powdery highlighters we saw five years ago, their Luminous Skin is all about that dewy glass skin finish minus any visible bits of shimmer particles.

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When it comes to their highlighter, there is some translucency in the skin, which makes the skin glow of their highlighters even more natural. So if you want to get them pretty and minimalist highlighter lookhere are some products that will help you achieve this.

1. SUGAR Face Fwd Highlighter Stick in Champagne Champion

Creamy stick highlighter for dewy skin
Image Credit: Sugar Cosmetics


A cream highlighter stick, this gives the smoothest, most even glow to the skin. Normally, cream highlighters tend to give off a really muted glow, but this one is intense. It is best applied with the fingertips by tapping the product on the high points of the face. This results in a blinding glow, but less than chalky-looking powder highlighters normally give. Since this color is not a warm, yellow or pink hue and has beige and pale, white gold tones, it is ideal as a skin-like highlight for many skin tones.

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2. Nudestix Nudies Glow All Over Face Color – Illumi-kinky

Rosy highlighters for glass skin tone
Image Credit: Sephora nnnow

3,150 rupees

Like a clear brightening balm, it leaves skin looking bright and fresh. If you love those clean makeup looks from magazine editorials where models have dewy eyelids and shiny cheekbones, this unusual product is perfect for you. It has a slight iridescent shine, but looks like a pink-toned clear balm with a metallic pink shift when applied to the skin.

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3. MAC Strobe Cream

Skin illuminating cream for an illuminated glow from within
Image Credit: Mac Cosmetics India

3,400 rupees

Sometimes applying a strobe cream under your foundation helps achieve that lit-from-within glow without any visible highlighter streaks in specific areas. It looks more natural and makes the skin on the whole face appear to glow. A strobe cream like this helps achieve that. It comes in two shades – peach and pink. Just one drop is enough to cover the entire face, or can simply be applied to the high points of the face where the light hits, to enhance the projection of your bone structure.

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4. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Rosy highlighters for glass skin tone
Image credit: Nykaa

4,000 rupees

We know this product is way overpriced, but if you have really dry, dull skin and crave that moist, oily glow that’s all the rage these days, this is the best product for it. It’s an unusual hybrid of many things, making it a skin tone, liquid highlighter, and illuminating primer in one. So when you apply it, it looks like a very shiny and sheer version of your skin. The shimmer is so fine and minimal that it doesn’t emphasize texture, making it ideal for different skin types. For a really skin look, there is nothing like it!

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