Sarah Lahbati reveals a three-step routine to achieve glass skin

Motherhood taught Sarah Lahbati to master routines.

Given that she takes on so many real-life roles, the 24-year-old star has to find ways to get things done faster.

At the Cetaphil event held at SM Makati on August 23, she began, “I have two children. I’m a working mom, always busy, always on the go. I have a partner. I gotta be there for everyone.”

Then in an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the Kapamilya actress continued: “It is not possible that we suffer just because I am a mother.

“Or I would say to my two boys, I can’t do this and that because I’m tired of rehearsing or recording.

“The key really is time management.”


The young mother also avoids complicating things.

“My skincare routine, for example, I can’t really afford too many steps. So what I’ve been doing is finding products that can do the job, that will work for me. in much less time.

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This Korean skincare trend is “all about the glow,” she said.

The Filipina-Moroccan actress added, “It’s all about this highlight, it’s all about this natural beauty…

“To achieve this, you need to take care of your skin properly.

“I always say this: skincare first, makeup second. Because if you have great skin, you don’t have to put on so much makeup. It saves you time and hassle. the money.”

Sarah swore by these three steps—“cleanser, moisturizer and protector.”

During the event, she demonstrated how to make the glass skin, and here are our takeaways:

1. Clean your face well.

Some beauty bloggers recommend a “double cleanse,” which involves using an oil-based cleanser before washing with a more traditional cleanser.

Some add exfoliation to their routine.

But Sarah said, “Find a good cleanser, that is, your face will light up, and you won’t have any additional problems.” So respect him.

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2. Choose a lightweight moisturizer as your base.

Hydration is important to make your skin look younger and smoother. Apply it evenly using your beautiful fingers (middle finger and ring finger).

3. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Sarah remarked, “I think not everyone here in the Philippines realizes how important this little bottle is. Without it, you damage your skin every day by going out, doing the things you do at work, you go out…”

Finally, her little tip for highlighting the “glow”: Find a good source of light, then use a brush and powder.

She continued, “Follow the parts that shine, usually the cheekbones and near the bridge of your nose.”

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Having an effective skincare routine is like an “investment”.

She said: “You avoid skin problems, you prevent them. And you can ensure that ‘I’ll still be beautiful when I’m 40.'” asked: has she ever been meticulous in her beauty regimen?

“When I was younger? No. When I got into showbiz, some days I’m mabusisi, like kung can do a pimple, I have to put something on the pimple.

“But most of the time it’s so simple.”

These days, her motivation to do her routine religiously goes beyond beauty.

“When I became a mom, I learned more about self-love and self-care.

“I became more aware that, you know, you have to eat healthy, you have to work out in the gym, you have to be stronger, you have to take care of your skin to be happier, to feel good about yourself.

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“For that to happen, you have to do these things, like take care of your skin, have your own skincare routine, as simple as it is, but it’s so worth it.”

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