Secrets to having flawless glass skin

Jenny of NOIRPINK has one of the most sought after beauties. Aside from her facial features, her skin is part of the reason.

Passionate fans know how much South Korean celebrities, especially idols, value their healthy skin. Which is why it’s no surprise that almost (if not) everyone has their own skincare regimens.

Jennie is no exception as she also has her own routines to take care of her skin. Kpop Starz previously published a report on the matter, revealing some of the secrets for clear and radiant skin.

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Water, juices and soups for healthy, younger-looking skin

Some may find it surprising that Jennie emphasizes the importance of diet above anything else when it comes to skincare. It turns out that his diet plays an important role in the health and appearance of his skin.

The BLACKPINK member once shared that detox water and juices are some of the main reasons why she has healthy, youthful-looking glass skin. She makes sure to keep her skin hydrated and nourishes it with healthy and nutritious ingredients using juices.

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However, it is not known what type or types of detox juice she consumes. But, given that they are intended for detoxification, it would make perfect sense for the ingredients to largely involve green vegetables.

After taking her regular detox juices, the K-pop idol tops it up with chicken feet collagen soup every morning. Reports indicate that ingesting collagen is very beneficial for the skin, according to research.

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BLACKPINK idol’s skin care, body care routines

the SOLO The singer previously revealed in an interview that she uses bath salts to keep every part of her body smooth. She noted that body care is part of her skin care, as the skin on the rest of the body is “equally important.”

The bath salts she uses come from roman bathaccording to Very Kemi. The two tubs she discovered in front of her audience are Forest Japanese and Relax Lavender.

The BLACKPINK member swears by “double cleansing.” She does it before going to bed, especially after a long day full of makeup.

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