Sederma’s “glass skin” peptide inspired by K-beauty and selfie culture

Crystalide is developed by Sederma, an active subsidiary of Croda.

The product was inspired by the glass skin trend and Asian selfie-obsessed culture.

Croda Technical Marketing Manager Chris Kuk said:

“Crystalide was inspired by the ‘glass skin‘ trend. Everyone loves this type of skin, but the selfie trend is really hot in Asia and that’s why glass skin has become so prominent here.

On the Internet, it is said that glass skin is achieved through double cleansing and several layers of moisturizing products. However, Sederma took a different approach to the trend.

“It works in a slightly different way because it gives you the look of glass skin not just by hydrating the skin. It works at the texture level of the skin, fundamentally changing the structure to be more beautiful in the light.

He added: “We are looking for a long-term glass skin. It will stay with you longer because we have an ingredient that works at the cellular level.

The result is more even skin that appears more luminous under light.

China’s challenges

Developing trendy and innovative products like Crystalide is becoming more and more important because they “look good on a social space”​, Kouk said.

He explained that the rapid development of e-commerce and social platforms has cultivated the impatience of Chinese consumers.

“They receive fragmented and not very detailed information. This has created the habit of consumers wanting to read short snippets of text without patience to learn more about the technology,” Kouk said.

He added: “Crystalide is something the market is looking for. It’s about efficiency and getting efficiency for money.

Additionally, Kuk pointed out that Chinese consumers are becoming more diverse.

This is mainly because they are becoming better educated. “Because they are more educated, they know what they need or want more specialized products to meet their needs.”

With more demanding consumers, manufacturers are driven to produce more efficient products.

“It has to come from quality ingredients and a perfect formulation. Sometimes our customers are challenged and they look to us for a solution. We can provide the perfect set of solutions to customers,” Kouk said.

Future trends in China

One interesting trend to consider is the popularity of Chinese historical TV dramas, Kuk said.

“Today in China, there are many historical TV dramas, and audiences don’t just pay attention to the plot; they look at costumes and makeup.

He added: “We wonder if this is a sign that … people are trying to figure out the C-beauty identity. It’s interesting because it’s something that we can claim to be perfectly Chinese. This is China’s heritage. For the younger generation, it’s considered pretty cool.

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