Sir John’s easy routine for Glass Skin

K-beauty trends never fail and “glass skin” is the latest to take over our Instagram feeds. The term refers to a face that looks poreless, dewy and nearly transparent, all without the fancy filters we gravitate to so easily when taking selfies.

More often than not, the men and women who flaunt their flawless skin also follow intensive routines, with up to 10-15 products used daily. But as much as we would like the results, we just don’t have time for that level of work.

Neither Mr Johnwhose famous clientele includes Beyonce, Joan Petits and Priyanka Chopra. In a recent interview with E! In linehe admitted to encouraging his ladies to follow a K-beauty-inspired routine, but remix it by shortening the overall process and adding a bit of highlighter into the mix.

“First of all, you should start with an exfoliation,” he says. “Right now, I love Pure-Sugar scrubs. By exfoliating, you help create the perfect canvas before applying your skincare moisturizers and brightening products.

Then you should follow with a pH-balanced toner (to close pores), a vitamin C serum (for luminosity), and a moisturizer (for hydration), in that exact order. Finally, improve the radiance of your skin by applying a radiance enhancer, such as True Match Lumi Glotion all over your face.

While you may want to stick with foundation, you probably won’t need it after you’ve been on this foolproof regimen for a few weeks. We love skincare made simple.

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