Skin of glass – an unattainable trend or fantasy?

In a world of filters and fuzzy foundations, seeing something that looks like real skin is a rarity.

I love my makeup as much as the next woman, but there is a very real effect of this new obsession with skin that just isn’t achievable for the vast majority of us.

Take, for example, the trend for glass skins which, like all major beauty trends, comes from Korea.

One little hashtag takes you to a fantasy land where pores don’t exist, where skin shines like a brand new car, and where the only lines that exist are those outside of department stores.

Glass skin should really be called “good lighting, good filter, good makeup, and probably good skin care”.

Please don’t confuse my skepticism with sour grapes. As someone who has worked in the skin for a little over a decade, I know all the tricks of the trade and have had the pleasure of working with machines and gear that can make you look like Barbie herself. . My problem with this quest for dreamy skin is that it causes people to have unrealistic expectations when it comes to their own skin.

Consistently seeing perfectly matte human faces in the right places and yet incredibly shiny along the cheekbones suggests that perhaps not all skin types pump oil and become congested from time to time.

The reality is that the majority of us, if not all, will see a few black dots or a stain when we have our period, and after a particularly windy day in winter, some parts of us will look dry and maybe gray. .

The skin is an organ, our outermost for that matter, and in this it may not be exactly the same every day.

Perfect looking skin and perfectly healthy skin are not mutually exclusive. My goal with The Skin Nerd® has always been skin health above all else, but when you improve the health of your skin it will always be better.

Healthy skin will be plumped, generally hydrated and glowing with a more normal level of sebum production.

Healthy skin won’t always look pore-free, hundred percent blemish-free, or streak-free, and from some point of view, it can be irresponsible to pretend otherwise.

When someone is working for better, healthier skin, realism should come into play. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and repairing years of damage is harder than it looks. There is no miracle solution.

At the end of the day, for real skin results, you’re not just looking for specific skin care products, you’re also considering a lifestyle change: quitting smoking, cutting back on caffeine, eating nutrient-dense foods, all of them. free time, regular exercise, no lazy nights to sleep with your makeup on… the list goes on.

It’s not difficult, not far, but it takes healthy skin to motivate you.

What I mean is, the next time you see a click bait style Instagram post that says “Get skin like this in just 3 weeks” don’t believe it and don’t say to yourself harshly. when your skin doesn’t. It doesn’t look like that, especially if you are looking for healthier skin.

And if you really want glass skin, just get a good highlighter. This seems to be the best secret of the skin of glass.


Even saying what I said, there is one product that I think can actually give you a more realistic version of that perfect, shiny glow in an instant, and that product is IMAGE Iluma Intense Brightening Serum ( 52 €, available in store or in certain salons across the country).

It’s not just a pretty face either. It contains tyrosinase inhibitors in the form of botanical brighteners and vitamin C. Tyrosinase inhibitors are ingredients that inhibit an enzyme (tyrosinase) which helps to create pigments in the skin, so in the long run this serum will help to keep your skin tone even with your SPF.

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