The £ 2.39 makeup artist approved product that will give you glass skin


In the words of a wise woman I know (AKA Cosmopolitan Associate Beauty Editor Laura Capon), when it comes to beauty, there is something to be said about slow burners ”.

In her case, LC was talking about a dreamy £ 4.50 lip liner, which she timed a long time ago, but completely forgot about until it started to appear in the captions. selfies from Jamie Genevieve and other Instagram royalties.

For me the slow-burning beauty market of dreams (try to say this by applying your lip liner) is it granny look, 200ml bottle of transparent fluid, available from Boots for the princely sum of £ 2.39.

Esteemed beauty community, may I introduce you (drum roll) …

Boots’ Traditionnelle Glycerin and rosewater: AKA, the perfect setting spray, skin enhancer, inner hydration and general multitasking product. And that’s LESS THAN £ 2.50, PEOPLE.

Disclaimer: The recommender of this product and the MUA in question is my sister, Sophie Pasola. But be aware that rose water, glycerin and combinations of the two have been used in the cosmetics industry for 50 years.

Glycerin in particular is a serious but good old product, and quite possibly a staple for most of your favorite MUAs. In other words, you can trust him on this one shot.

On top of that, Laura Capon reports that when Rihanna’s MUA Pricilla Ono put on makeup, she was Great Trigger happy with the rosewater spray to combat her drier-looking skin (and intolerance to matte foundation 👀).

The brand Pricilla opted for was a slightly more budget Mario Badescu face spray with aloe herbs and rose water, £ 8. But if you’re looking for something cheaper (and with a healthy dose of glycerin, a wonder ingredient), Boots’ cute, traditional little gem is here for you guys.


Traditional Glycerin and Rose Water Boots

Sophie suggests decanting the product into a spray bottle (it comes in a toner-shaped bottle) and using it to set makeup and lock in moisture. Lucky for you, she took to Instagram to demonstrate the wonders of the spray.

Clock before firing:

Make-up artist glycerin rose water

Sophie pasola

Sophie’s Glass Skin Beat Set with Glycerin and Rose Water:

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Other beauty bloggers are big fans of Heritage Store Rosewater with Glycerin, which costs £ 9.99 slightly more.

Why is glycerin good for my face?

It is an ‘identical to the skin’ ingredient (ie it is found naturally in the skin) – in this case, in the outer part later. It helps your skin retain water, slowing transepidermal water loss and helps your skin barrier stay intact. For this reason, it is not only a miracle ingredient for dry skin, but it perfectly prepares the skin for makeup, and keeps your base dew throughout the day.

What else can I use it for?

  • Spray it on the back of your hand and use it with your favorite shimmery shadows or highlights to transform powders into pure, creamy formulas (perfect if you’re looking for a shiny Pat McGrath cover).
  • Spray your shins for a perfect shiny leg (I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, shiny legs are the best accessory.)
  • Spray on a coil and comb through eyebrows for a light setting agent (or combine with pear soap for stable soap eyebrows).
  • Rub it into your hair for texture (think of it as a sugar spray) or use it to add shine and softness to a ponytail.

    In short, this little baby is the gift that keeps on giving.

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