The $ 55 serum beauty gurus swear by for glass skin

Over the past year, many trends have emerged from the world of K-Beauty. Whether it’s the (un) famous 10-step skincare routine, the suggestion that we should all dip our faces in bowls of ice water, or even the rise of slime masks. snail, we were certainly kept on our guard.
But one of the most popular – and, to be perfectly honest, the most palatable – trends was ‘glass skin‘.

Using skin care to reduce pigmentation, blemishes, redness, and inflammation, the result was skin as clear and luminous as freshly enameled glass. Something we can certainly support.

But if a 10-step or more routine isn’t over the counter for you (or your 30-minute button-down Snooze mornings), there’s a product that is generating the hype as a one-stop-shop for the skin of glass.

Peach and Lily’s Skin Refining Serum has been hailed by beauty gurus, editors, and Instagram influencers as a skin-changing miracle that firms skin and promotes glow.

Want some glow? We got you.

The serum contains a multitude of ingredients that promise benefits for the skin.

Peach extract tops the list, with an impressive list of vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals that help promote lightening and firming. Niacinamide is included to help fight inflammation and redness, while “East Asian Mountain Yam Extract” is used to reduce flaking and promote flexibility.

Madecassoide (a soothing extract to reduce inflammation); Hyaluronic acid (to hydrate and plump); and Peptide (for firming, filling fine lines and smoothing) all play major roles.

Just like a regular serum, you can use the Skin Refining Serum morning and night, before your moisturizer but after your toning and cleansing.

You can pick up a bottle of the serum through the brand’s website, which costs US $ 39 (AUD $ 55) and, yes!

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