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Beauty trends come and go, but the skin of glass doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. After all, who doesn’t want glowing, gorgeous, pore-free skin? When Peach & Lily Founder Alicia Yoon, who trained as a beautician in the United States and Korea, made glass skin a mainstream in the United States with her launch of Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum in 2018, the look went viral. Real glass skin comes from within, because healthy skin is the secret. When your complexion is balanced, hydrated and pores are tightened, it regains natural luminosity and an even skin tone. But getting flawless skin can take a while, to say the least, so there is makeup specifically to simulate the look. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best glass skin products including makeup and skincare to help you get on with the trend both instantly and over time.

1. Peach Lily Glass Skin Veil Mist

The newly launched Glass Skin Veil Mist is the first new Peach & Lily Glass Skin product since the serum launched two years ago, and it was worth the wait. The multitasking mist instantly provides glass skin, but its complexion benefits last much longer. The carefully curated ingredient list, which includes cucumber water base, also includes peach extract, reishi mushroom, lotus, licorice, cica, ceramides, vitamin E, and aloe. They provide a potent combination of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and an adaptogen that work together to do everything from reducing damage, inflammation and redness to soothing. , hydration and strengthening of the skin. The super fine buildable mist is designed to be worn three ways: over bare skin for that signature glass skin look, under makeup for a glow, or over makeup for a highlighter effect.

Peach Lily Glass Skin Veil Mist

$ 29.00

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2. Chanel Le Gel Pailleté Face and Décolleté Transparent Shimmering Gel

When you don’t have time to wait for your skincare products to kick in, this beautiful glitter gel instantly gives a glass skin finish. While it looks sparkly in the jar, it turns into a subtle glow once it hits the skin, with even the slightest hint of sparkle – there aren’t any chunks of glitter here. Best of all, it can be applied virtually anywhere for added shine, such as the top of the cheekbones, cleavage or shoulders.

Chanel Le Gel Pailleté Transparent Shimmering Gel Face and Neckline

$ 50.00

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3. Ciaté London Dewy Blush Glossy Color of cheeks

Ciaté London doesn’t mess with the “pink” and “shiny” part of the name of this cream blush. Available in a range of shades to suit any skin tone, its unique gel-balm texture gives it extra shine, with just a hint of color for a natural glow. The look of the glass skin it offers is really more than deep, as it contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate, as well as yuzu and dragon fruit extracts to illuminate. It glides easily over the skin for even application and is light as air.

Ciaté London Dewy Blush Bright Tint for Cheeks

$ 22.00

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4. Lorac Pro Skin Glass Primer

Before applying your foundation, prep your skin with this oil-based serum base that creates glass skin effortlessly. It subtly blurs imperfections and deeply repairs the skin thanks to vitamin C, a blend of ceramides and patented oligopeptide. Fine lines will fade over time thanks to the complex of fruit extracts of watermelon, apple and lentil. The texture feels like soft water and won’t pellet when mixed with other makeup, so you can also trim your foundation with it for more sheer coverage and added shine. Oil-free, fragrance-free and vegan, the formula is designed to work with all skin types.

LORAC Pro Skin Glass Skin Primer

$ 35.00

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5. Snow Fox Skincare True Luminosity Serum

All the ingredients for a real glass skin are in this little bottle: it shrinks large pores, deeply hydrates, balances sebum production, brightens, boosts radiance and reduces the appearance of redness, blemishes and discoloration. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that the formula is completely natural. The herbal ingredients include Egyptian blue lotus, azaleic acid, caffeine, and zinc.

Snow Fox Skincare True Luminosity Serum

$ 75.00

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6. Elf Cosmetics Jelly Pop Eye and Face Luster

Are you ready for this jelly? The fun and versatile formula from the brand TikTok loves leaves a shiny finish wherever you apply it – it looks just as pretty on the eyelids as it does on the cheekbones. The shimmer is super subtle on your skin, as it’s more about the sparkle effect. It’s infused with watermelon for long lasting hydration.

elf Cosmetics Jelly Pop Gloss for face and eyes

$ 6.00

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7. Beautyblender Glass Glow Shinelighter Highlighter Crystal Clear

Beautyblender Founder and Makeup Artist Rea Ann Silva has built a beauty empire based on perfect complexion, so it’s no surprise that her Crystal Glow Shinelighter highlighter is at the forefront of the glass skin trend. . The colorless illuminating balm has no shine, which makes it subtle and sophisticated. Since the lightweight formula is buildable, you can keep adding it until you get megawatt shine, but it will never get sticky. It can be applied anywhere you want a dewy shine – like the cheekbones, eyelids, lips or collarbone – and has an impressive hold.

Beautyblender Glass Glow Shinelighter Highlighter Crystal Clear

$ 25.00

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8. Becca Zero No Pigment Glass Highlighter For Face And Lips

When you want the sleek shine of a highlighter but not the glitter, then this is the best glass skin product for you. Apply it to the highlights of your face and it will catch the light in the right way. Since it’s also designed to be worn on the lips, you can layer it over lipstick for extra pop. Lightweight and comfortable, it never sticks to the skin. And if you are wondering where the “zero” in the name comes from, it refers to what is not in the Zero collection, including pigments, synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens, alcohol, mineral oil or sulphates.

Becca Zero Pigment-Free Glass Highlighter For Face & Lips

$ 24.00

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9. Shiseido Glitter Gel Lip Gloss

Liquid-looking lips will be yours with just a swipe of this insanely glassy lip gloss. While the color is pure, the shine goes all the way, thanks to the reflective pearls and refractive oils. A hybrid between a gloss and a gel, it is luxuriously thick and comfortable, never heavy or sticky. Best of all, it makes lips look as beautiful as they look, providing up to 12 hours of hydration with shea butter.

Shiseido Glitter Gel Lip Gloss

$ 25.00

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10. Laneige Shine Makeup Serum

Don’t be fooled by the name, this serum can be worn without makeup to achieve the look of glass skin. But when you use it as a base under your foundation, it gives the coveted look from the inside out while helping your makeup last longer. Incredibly lightweight, it also controls excess oil to make sure you don’t get the wrong kind of shine. Packaged with skin loving ingredients, it tackles uneven texture, dull complexion, and dryness. There is a ceramide hydrating gel for deep hydration and a diamond mineral powder to smooth the skin while giving it a glow.

Laneige shine makeup serum

$ 32.00

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