The iconic “Ferris Bueller” glass house is completely renovated

The famous house that appeared in the adolescence of 1986 Movie, “Ferris buellerDay off,”Becomes a huge reshape, according to Classic moviegoers don’t care – the infamous Tight will not be completely changed. However, it will have a brand new underground space and the windows will be replaced with thermal glass. The steel beams, when painted with charcoal paint, will be restored back to their original brick red color.

House not currently in living condition

The house is located in the Chicago suburbs, Highland Park, and the rest of the movie was filmed in real life city ​​of chicago.

Although the house was in perfect condition when the movie was shot, it is now almost unrecognizable and uninhabitable. It’s rusty, dusty, and neglected. To make it habitable, the house needs to be renovated, as it faces the risk of additional rust and rot.

The house was originally owned by Ben Rose, who died in 2009. As of May 2014, it sold for $ 1.06 million, less than half of its original listing price, according to Crain’s Chicago Business. There is a main house connected to the structure, and it was designed in 1953 by a student from Mies van der Rohe, James Speyer.

Baranski, Hammer, Moretta & Sheehy Architects & Planners will be lead renovations. According to DNA info, most of the work will be done inside and under the structure of the house before the new owners move in.

The Baranski team is digging a 15 foot trench under the house to build a garage, children’s play area and laundry room. They will also add a full system of hot water radiators in the floor.

Almost Lost Movie Relic

“This house was about to be demolished,” Jim Baranski, manager of Baranski, told DNAinfo.

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“It’s sort of a problem on the the north coast and in the Northwestern suburbs in general: people are watching historical houses and saying, ‘Okay, it’s not worth it, we’re going to tear it down and build something new,’ ”Baranski said. “We’re trying to make a point that says, ‘Look, these houses can be saved.’ “

Ready to test your knowledge of 80s movies?

For all those who are a fan of 80s teen movies, you may remember the movie starry suburb high school Ferris bueller (Matthew Broderick), who played school junkie all the way to Chicago with his girlfriend and best friend, Cameron (Alan Ruck).

Throughout the film, Ferris comes up with clever ways to dodge his unsuspecting parents, a strict director, and a jealous sister. He convinces Cameron to “borrow” his father’s precious mint Ferrari go on an adventure in the city.

Famous crash scene

The house was the setting for the famous garage scene where the Ferrari was stored and eventually met its untimely demise. After their trip, and in anticipation of Cameron’s father coming home, the friends drive the car back to the garage. In case your memory is a little rusty, they jack the car up and back up in a futile attempt to erase the mileage.

When Cameron realizes this isn’t working, he panics. Fed up with his father, who “loves the car more than he does”, Cameron decides he’s going to take a stand and run his own life.

In a fit of anger, he kicks the car over and over again. When the car is barely suspended from the elevator, Cameron comes to a halt halfway just before he’s about to deliver the final blow.

Just as he says, “Can’t wait to see the look on that bastard’s face,” he puts his foot on the car and watches in horror as the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder Convertible slips through the window into the ravine.


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