The latest insulating glasses meet the strictest energy standards

By increasing the thermal performance of a window or an entire curtain wall system, Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) reduce heat gain during warmer seasons while retaining more of it during colder periods. The following offering of customizable products and solutions raises the standard to meet today’s increasingly stringent requirements.

(Courtesy of Eastman)

IG thermal mirror

By attaching a uniquely designed film between two panes, the Heat Mirror IG insulates like a solid wall. Eastman’s patented Heat Mirror technology can have an R-value of up to 20, making it suitable for use in a wide range of projects.

the exterior of a building
(Courtesy of AGC Interpane)

Iplus 3C
Interpane AGC

Comprised of three thermally insulated glass panels, the Iplus 3C easily outperforms older uncoated alternatives and Ug values ​​down to 0.5 W/(m²K), helping to minimize heat loss. This low-e glass product hits the mark in both performance and aesthetics.

The exterior of a building
(Courtesy of GGI)

Insulated glass

In keeping with the latest trends, GGI’s insulating glass comes in double and triple glazed variants. A dual sealed version, ideal for commercial use, features Super Spacer T-Spacer warm edge technology as well as air and argon gas filled options to ensure greater interior comfort.

a glass sample
(Courtesy of the Cardinal)

Glass with XL edge

These durable Cardinal IGUs meet the toughest industry requirements by incorporating two gaskets and a thin stainless steel desiccant gauge spacer. Filled with argon gas, there is absolutely no way for the heat to escape. In addition, the product significantly reduces unsightly beads of condensation.

The exterior of a building
(Courtesy of Kawneer)

Insulpour Thermal Inlets

Equipped with narrow 250T, medium 350T and wide 500T upright variants, Kawneer’s Insulpour Thermal Inlets provide optimum thermal break. The sturdy door and frame system features a new three-panel composition and accommodates a wide variety of hardware.

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