The NFL shouldn’t be throwing stones from its glass house

Jhe NFL had a hell of a Sunday.

First, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown inexplicably left his team in the third quarter. He took off his uniform, threw some of his gear into the stands as mementos, and jogged shirtless off the field. Then, just after his team defeated the Indianapolis Colts, the Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbs was arrested for impaired driving after being found asleep at the wheel on a parking lot exit ramp. Finally, Tennessee Titans defensive end Bud Dupree allegedly assaulted two employees of a local Walgreens on Sunday night. Police charged Dupree with misdemeanor assault and issued him with a citation.

All this from a organization who criticizes the United States for not being better.

And although Brown has committed no crime this time, he has a long history of criminal behavior, including rape allegations, sexual assault allegations and jail time for stealing a truck. Additionally, Brown just completed a three-game suspension for tampering with a COVID-19 vaccination card.

These incidents come during the same season in which former Raiders catcher Henry Ruggs III drove while intoxicated, resulting in the death of a woman. It also comes after a video of the former NFL running back Zac Stacy beating the mother of his child has gone viral.

And the NFL wantsinspire change”? If that were really true, they would start within their own community. They don’t care about that, though – they only care about ostentatious, politically correct stunts.

It would be one thing if the league only had a few incidents here and there. But it’s an annual event in professional football. Even more troubling, the league seems to allow this behavior. The NFL gives repeat opportunities to those who don’t deserve them. All too often, if a player gets in trouble, there are little or no consequences for their actions, especially for star players. Brown is the perfect example. There are even reports that Brown can still find an opportunity to play, even after his latest stunt.

An old axiom advises: “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Apparently the NFL doesn’t understand that. Instead of inflicting his toxic social justice propaganda on the public, perhaps he should encourage his players to stop killing people and beating and raping women. Otherwise, theirit takes us allThe campaign feels much more like an NFL cover-up than activism.

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