This New Jelly Skin Care Line Can Help You Get Dewy Glass Skin

Ever wanted to have ~ glass ~ smooth skin like your favorite K-Drama stars? Well, here’s something you need to know before you start racking up products for an elaborate, multi-step skin care routine: The key to getting the rosy, glowing complexion of your dreams might be easier than you think. think!

The key feature of fashionable glass skin is minimal roughness with enough moisture to catch and reflect light. TTo achieve that complexion, the first step is to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate again! Indeed, hydration helps keep your skin smooth, soft and elastic.

Needless to say, you’ll want products with moisturizing ingredients, as those will help keep your skin dewy and glowing. If you’re looking for hydrating essentials, check out our new discovery: POND Healthy hydration range. Below, everything you need to know about this new hydrating line from Pond’s and how it can help you achieve the glass skin of your dreams!

They use fruit extracts to take care of your skin.

These babies use natural ingredients like orange nectar, aloe vera, and watermelon extract to help hydrate dry, dull skin.

They help cleanse and hydrate the skin.

That tight feeling after washing your face is actually a sign of dryness! But you won’t have to worry about that happening with Healthy hydration from POND’S range. With regular use, tHeir 2 in 1 cleansers are formulated to be both a deep cleanser and moisturizer for the skin.

They smell fresh and fruity.

Those who love scented skincare products will love these must-haves. The fruity scent makes the application of the treatment almost therapeutic!

Their gel formula is easily absorbed by the skin.

The line includes hydrating cleansing gels and oil-free hydrating gels that are quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a sticky or oily residue. Even oily skin will love these moisturizers for the skin.

Love the minimal skin care regimen? You can actually go for a simple three-step routine with POND’s Healthy Hydration line: cleanse, hydrate and nourish! Discover all the products in the range that you can try:

POND’S Healthy Hydration Moisturizing Watermelon Jelly

This moisturizer contains watermelon extract who helps to do your skin is fresh and pampered. Bonus: It contains vitamin E, which helps hydrate and repair the skin with regular use.

POND’S Healthy Hydration Moisturizing Aloe Vera Jelly Cleanser & Moisturizer

When applied regularly, this cleanser-moisturizer combo can help fade dark spots and acne marks, thanks to vitamin B3. Plus, aloe vera extract is soothing and refreshing for the skin.

POND’S Healthy Hydration Orange Nectar Hydrating Jelly Cleanser & Moisturizer

This pair uses orange nectar to make your skin glow. Since it contains vitamin C, it can also help even out your skin tone, leaving you with a glowing complexion!

POND’S Vitamin Duo Plumping Sheet Mask Vitamin B6 and Tomato

Masks are great as a weekly (or even daily) treat for the skin! If you’re looking for something that can help keep your complexion plumped when used regularly, try this one with tomato extract.

POND’S Vitamin Duo Vitamin C & Pineapple Brightening Sheet Mask

Faced with a dull complexion? The combination of vitamin C and pineapple extract in this sheet mask can help make your skin glowing and blemish-free.

POND’S Vitamin Duo Vitamin E & Avocado Nourishing Sheet Mask

This sheet mask contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that can help protect your skin from environmental pollutants. It also contains avocado extract which can help you finally get that dewy burst!

The POND’S Healthy Hydration range will be available online at Watson, Lazada, and Shopee starting this month. Follow Pond’s on Facebook and Instagram and visit BeautyHub.PH at for more updates.

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