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(NEXSTAR) – A glass house straight out of a fairy tale has been marketed for $ 1.7 million in Monkton, Maryland, a small town in Baltimore County.

The 5,700 square feet. the house is built like a skyscraper, in that it does not have fully load-bearing walls. Rather, the house is supported by a series of posts and beams that connect to the ceiling.

Real estate agent, Alisa Goldsmith of W Home Group, knows 1910 Corbridge Ln. well, she lives there with her husband, three children and two dogs. The tasteful interior design is also owed to Goldsmith, as she designed the interior of the house in its entirety. The house was designed and built in 1990 by a husband and wife architect duo named Bill and Pam Parsons.

While it may seem like the house lacks privacy due to its plethora of windows, Goldsmith says she never felt “exposed or embarrassed.” Lutron automatic shades can be deployed to cover windows, but “we barely use them.”

The 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom home sparked heated debate. Goldsmith says most people either fall in love with it or just don’t get it.

“Everyone has very strong opinions on this, there is no neutral ground. Everyone is either obsessed or they have a lot to say, ”she said.

Beyond the glass, without a doubt, the most unique aspect of the house is its setting.

The property is a short walk from the idyllic Gunpowder River, which offers canoeing, fly fishing and tubing.

“I couldn’t believe you could have a waterfront home in Baltimore County,” Goldsmith said.

You can check the list’s website here.

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