Want to have a glass skin? Try this Korean skin care regimen right away

We’ve always been told that clear, glowing skin takes a lot of care, from basic cleansing and toning to hydration, followed by several other dos and don’ts. It also requires a deep scrub and a face mask every week to keep the pores clear. But often times, we cannot make up for these things due to our busy daily schedule resulting in unhealthy skin with several issues. But what if we introduce a new skin care regimen, which is all about deep cleansing and nothing more? The New Korean Skin Care Routine is a double cleanse routine to be followed for the chance to have glass skin that does not need any photo filter application.

What is double cleaning?

It is a famous Korean skin care method that focuses on deep cleansing your skin to get rid of any dirt and dust you may have accumulated during the day. According to its name ‘Double cleanse’, it cleanses your face twice. First with an oil-based cleanser, then with a water-based cleanser. It lifts dirt with the help of oils without drying out your skin and then washes it away. While this adds a few extra minutes to your routine, it is well worth it.

So, learn the steps to cleanse your face twice with the new Korean skin care regimen.

Step 1- Start with an oil-based makeup remover or micellar water. You can also use your old coconut oil instead. Dab some of it on a cotton ball and carefully remove all oil buildup and makeup from your skin. Micellar water or coconut oil is not harsh on the skin, so it will not grab your natural skin oil.

Step 2- Now work with the basics. Apply your regular facial cleanser or foam-based cleanser to your face, massaging with an outward motion. Then rinse your face and dry it with a clean towel.

How often should I double clean?

Double cleaning should be done daily at the end of your day before going to bed. Skipping it would really be a sin as you won’t be removing your makeup at that time, inviting several skin issues.


Why is this important?

The concept of double cleaning is designed to be gentle yet thorough. This is more imperative for those who wear makeup regularly, especially foundation. This is because the first step helps you remove the layer of makeup without grabbing the natural oils, and the second step deeply cleanses the skin. This step also prepares the skin for other skin products like moisturizer, serum, eye cream, etc.

So from now on, check your double cleansing routine regularly.

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