What is the Glass Skin trend? Here’s how to get the ultimate dewy look

Korean skincare has taken the world by storm for several years now, and the glass skin trend has inspired beauty lovers to try everything under the sun to achieve a poreless, dewy look. “Glass skin is this idea of ​​transparent, translucent skin,” said Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lilyexplained to Refinery29 in September 2017. “It’s a sign of youth and it’s one of the qualities most sought after in Korea.”

Of course, everyone’s regimen will be different, depending on their skin type, but there are basic products and techniques that are likely to give you the dewyest skin of your life, if that’s what you’re looking for. But it is important to note that achieving this look can take time. “This combination of ultra-smooth texture and super translucency can be difficult to achieve with products alone,” Yoon continued. “It’s not something you get overnight – it’s consistent skincare that gives you that refined texture, the ultimate in youthful skin.” Still, some people have mastered the coveted routine.

Los Angeles-based makeup artist Ellie Choi, who said she has combination skin, went viral in October 2017 after sharing her best beauty secrets for glass skin on social networks, Seduce reported. First, Choi uses Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cleansing Pads ($6.99, ulta.com) to get rid of all the makeup on her face. Then, she cleanses with Cetaphil Daily Face Wash ($8.99, ulta.com), Where Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser ($20, kiehls.com). Both products remove all excess oil, dirt and makeup without drying out the skin. Every other day, Choi also exfoliates after cleansing with Skinfood Strawberry and Black Sugar Cleansing Mask ($11.50, ulta.com) to give it a “healthy, natural glow.”

Next, the makeup artist said she switched to toner. “I use Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 ($24.50, sephora.com) toner after washing your face to remove remaining dirt and oil for extra cleansing,” she shared with Seduce. Next, Choi applies a “decent amount” of moisturizer – either Cetaphil Moisturizer ($15.99, ulta.com) or Wonjin Effect Water Bomb Cream ($34, wonjineffect.net)

Refinery29 also recommends using a number of products, such as TonyMoly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream ($19.67, cultbeauty.com) – which works as an all-in-one massage cream, exfoliator and mask – to slough off dead skin cells and brighten skin tone, as well as Be The Skin Stimulation-Free Face Polisher ($29, peachandlily.com), which helps smooth the skin.

But Choi also revealed that her skin wasn’t just the result of products: “For me, eating fried and fatty foods affects my skin,” she said. “Make sure you drink tons of water every day! Eat more [fruits and vegetables].” Considering her skin is beautiful I’ll take her word for it.

Beauty blogger Chriselle Lim also shared her six steps glass skin routine on her site, The Chriselle Factor, which admittedly is quite pricey, but she swears it’s worth it. First, Lim cleans up with Royal Fern Phytoactive Cleansing Balm ($85, neimanmarcus.com) to get all dirt and makeup on her face. She follows with Soothing Serum from Dr. Barbara Sturm ($250, nordstrom.com), which Lim explained contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate, smooth, and plump the skin. “It’s like instant skin refreshment in a bottle!” she wrote. Lim then applies Prima Glow-On moisturizing balm by Giorgio Armani ($110, giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com), which gives it a “rosy and radiant” glow, followed by a few spritzes of Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water ($18, dermstore.com). Blogger finishes using one of her favorites ultra-hydrating sheet masks, then applies Prima Day-Long Skin Perfector by Giorgio Armani ($100, giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com), which she says is a great base for makeup.

If you don’t have the time (or money) for a full skincare routine, then you’re in luck because a product that pretty much delivers the instant look of glass skin is in route to the United States. VDL’s range of primers promise a clear, pore-free look, while delivering a glow with a pearl-pigmented formula, Seduce reported. VDL primers will be available from August 1 on vdlus.com.

So there you have it, folks, all the best tips, tricks, and products for getting glass skin. Now it’s time to shine!

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