What is the ‘glass skin’ trend on TikTok?

WHILE TikTok videos are usually only between 15 seconds and three minutes long, many users share beauty hacks and tutorials on the app.

A popular trend on TikTok is known as “glass skin”.


TikTok is a popular place to share beauty tips and tricks

What is the ‘glass skin’ trend on TikTok?

With its roots in Korean beauty, the glass skin trend focuses on various products and techniques to make your skin perfectly smooth and shiny.

Although tips and tricks can improve the effect of the appearance of glassy skin, many experts recommend the help of a healthy diet and exercise.

How to get the “glass skin” look?

When it comes to the appearance of glass skin, many steps and care products are required.

First of all, you need to clean your face.

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By washing your face thoroughly, you ensure a fresh canvas to work on.

Next, exfoliate your facial skin – unless you’re prone to sensitivity or have active blemishes or wounds.

Once your face is polished and clean, apply a toner.

A good toner can help remove the last dirt or debris.

The next step is hydration, and lots of it.

You can achieve this by combining face masks, serums, creams and oils.

Then, seal your face with a rich moisturizer.

The 'glass skin' trend on TikTok requires many steps and skincare products


The ‘glass skin’ trend on TikTok requires many steps and skincare productsCredit: TikTok/benjaminccao

What are the other beauty hacks on TikTok?

Every day, new beauty trends find their way onto social media.

On TikTok, users often review different products, such as anti-wrinkle patches or makeup dupes.

These silicone stickers can help keep your skin taut, although the effects may not last long.

Other users can share their experience with different cosmetic procedures, such as Botox or lip fillers.

There are even various beauty filters to enhance your overall look.

Another popular K-Beauty trend known as slugging requires you to apply a thick moisturizer — like petroleum jelly — all over your face to seal in moisture.

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